5 Scariest and Creepiest Things Caught In a Morgue - Purisrar Dunya - Urdu Documentary

Purisrar Dunya presents 5 Scariest and Creepiest Things Caught In a Morgue. For more Urdu Documentary please subscribe our channel.

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garret messed up in the first round but he win?

Genaro Ruiz

Lol scary

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Can you please make a number 4 allsports golf battle

Inder Sachdeva

Wonderful guys!!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful 😍

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do you find these? or read up on them? it would take a while haha



blue eyes

Nice story but her voice ain't it chief

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At 2:40 when you did the Golf Cart Knife sticker, just wandering what type of golf cart it is

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Rolling down the hill haha!

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Hell's Highway is a classic? Jesus I am old

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Tarantula T

3:14 cringe

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Tony Zveri

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You guys forgot the Spoiler Guy

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That walk noel did should fr be the new dance trend

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I love trick shots

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You guys are skilled

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Tiger Girl 118 & Co

I have the same autism as him + social anxiety. What he's saying is true, you cannot read tones of voice accurately. And I have a lot of pets. I can pretty much read my bunny's face. It's not fun stuttering whilst feeling like everyone's staring at you, and being unable to read them.

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how what huh?

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"You gotta enjoy the little things." Not the living things

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In the mission turn and face the strange is easter egg to tomb raider.

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Damn, I learnt 50 new words in the first minute. I mean, what's amino acid and nutrient density and all that.

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Animators: how confusing do you want the trailer to be?Disney: si

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Why do people only care about what they believe and not about others ? It isn’t wrong to disagree with the LGBT community but it is wrong to be disrespectful to people about it

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Alguien sabe la el nombre de la canción del minuto 1:50

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1:45 this not a slam dunk

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