escort x80 vs cobra

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On November 11th, Cobra Electronics filed their response to the samantha sixx escort court disputing Escorts claim of infringement and filed a counter claim against Escort alleging that Escort violated their 279 patent entitled Electronic Signal Detector with Mute Feature in development of the 9500i.
The Redline alerts at 2 miles (with multiple obstructions) vs Cobra.4 miles (unobstructed, line of sight).
Wikipdedia states that the elements of patent infringement includes any party that manufactures, uses, sells, or offers for sale patented technology during the term of the patent and within the country that issued the patent, is considered to infringe the patent.After ten months of not hearing any follow-up I figured that the topic was dead, how wrong I was.Therefore it was somewhat of a surprise to me (and several others in the radar detector industry) that several weeks prior to the CES show, Cobra Electronics issued a press release of having the first GPS enabled radar detector, the XRS R9G.In December of 2003, Escort Inc.Anti-Red Light Camera Electronics, anti-Red Light Camera License Plate Covers.Then the official off the record comment was that they needed to look at Cobras new detector and their patent and let the attorney decide.The Cobra in that case will be too late to the party.Lasers and Countermeasures, red Light Camera Knowledgebase, anti-Red Light Camera Radar Detectors.Comparison Tests, rocky Mountain Radar Reviews, whistler Radar Detector Reviews.With the Redline, you will pick up his distant shots before you are in his kill zone.Escort Radar Detector Reviews, radenso Reviews, uniden Reviews.In unobstructed areas, the Redline can pick up a signal at around 10 miles.After the patent was grated to Escort, I would suspect that they used it in the development of their new 9500i radar detector.Today I located, escorts complaint 1:07-cv-852 filed October 12, 2007 in the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio against Cobra Electronics alleging that Cobra had violated Escorts 905 patent with Cobras manufacture and sale of the XRS R9G.A Cobra is better than nothing, if that is your budget.
Today while searching the net for cases involving the speed countermeasure industry, I was surprised to find a recent filing by Escort Inc.

Buyers Guides, radar Detector Reviews, beltronics Radar Detector Reviews, cobra Radar Detector Reviews.Protecting drivers since 1999, my Cart 0, quick Index.Over the past several months there has been quite a bit of debate regarding the enforcement of patents in the radar detector and laser jamming industry.Filed patent number 6,670,905 (905 patent) for a GPS enabled radar detector that aids in the management of unrelated or otherwise unimportant sources (false alerts) and also maintains a list of the known stationary sources in nonvolatile memory.As the operator of t, I have come under fire from radar detector enthusiasts for censoring messages relating to devices that I suspect violate patents and by manufactures for not censoring enough of these messages because they feel the messages themselves encourage the illegal importation.But what you won't get with that is a cop shooting instant-on radar from a hidden spot, shooting maybe every 30-60 seconds.Testing the 38 Cobra ESD7570 detector against the top of the line Escort Redline against a fixed.7 Ka band speed sign.Anti-Red Light Camera Spray, speed Cameras, radar Detector Knowledge Base.So we will keep watch for any new legal briefs or filings in this court until the case settles.
Against Cobra Electronics for patent infringement regarding Escorts new 9500i radar detector.

The point of this video is to show the two extremes in radar detector performance.