Van Steering and Suspension repairs, steering racks, Track rod ends, Drag link ends fitted, Air suspension electrics.
Breakdown Van Service Areas covering Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Telford,West midlands Mid Wales areas.
Coil Required: Stock Lucas 3 Ohm points coil.Just a stab of the throttle pulls you 2002 escort zx2 serpentine belt routing into the seat and sends you down the road like a cork out of a bottle.If you want to know what material to use here, we used a square cut memphis prostitute murders out of a old race tyre!The van was restored about 3 years ago.You can see the kink needed to clear the steering.
So I sold that and bought a Air-Gap manifold and a Holley TBi which I will run with a link ECU.
3LUC4-25D Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for 4-cylinder 23D4 and 25D4 Lucas Distributors with Points and Condenser Easy to Install - Replace Points and Condenser with Solid-State Electronics Hot-Spark Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit for 4-cylinder Lucas 23D4 and 25D4 Distributors with points and condenser For Distributors.

Its all the little things which take and cost heaps.It's as easy to install as points and condenser!The collectors were widened and flow as duals right under the car.I tried to get a good pic of them spraying fuel but my camera wasn't really up to it in the dark.Jun-2018 Gloucestershire Trade 1975 ford escort RS2000 with FIA documents Original ford escort RS2000, last Swedish owner has had the RS2000 for 20 years and recently totally restored and overhauled and equipped with the FIA documents.Includes rotor, distributor cap, distributor clamp and everything you need - no external ignition box required.The problems was that to use this plate the mounts had go on one way.Typically lowers current @ 3,000 RPM by about.5 amps.Installed on engine firewall or on coil.Daimler cyl all.2 models - Lucas 22D6 - 3LUC6-22D.