Indominus Rex Attacks Kong Island! Fun Jurassic World Dinosaurs Toys Tyrannosaurus Spinosaurus

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yung don

Why does the black haired girl kind of look like mulan

8. Multi-task player


Lol I'm Asian

The Guy With A Hundred Subscribers Without Videos

LOL! the dog ending was so cute! and hilarious

Shannon B

It sounds like kulning at the beginning, specifically Jenna Nash [ ].

Susan Rogers

Go coby

“But it really doesn’t matter what attachment type you are”

Rockstar have created the most alive game world I've ever experienced. Crammed with details and secrets, which is used as the setting of their most mature story to date. I don't quite know how Rockstar continues to top themselves, but Bully 2 is about to be the best game of all time.

Benny Buzz Buzz

Kyak shot

Sonia Crampton

That was a fake watch my vid on AndSonHayCla96

Your best you were a first time mum the doctors should have been more quick

Sherby R

This story has broken my heart

Ed Nicky

My friend (dad and mom) ate kinda the screamers, a little the protein guys(portien shakes) , but mostly the people who do it normally I'm the creepy guy (girl) gnawing on a pickle in the cornerNo joke :)So uh yea, its a thing

Karl Sweeney

Was that a hippocampus in the water with Elsa? If so, does that mean that Greek mythology is part of the Frozen universe?



Carina Benedi

Is she princess bubblegum?

LazySloth09 Cody Popham


Olivia King

10:42 what are you doing there garette lol love the vid

Reece Greenslade

i shit myself when i saw 8

Kras 4

The accuracy from Brees is f*n nuts !

Faudzan Fadhlillah

who come here because of recommendations?

Jagger Wignall

Do they have to be full sized NFL footballs


there is a reason for that they want the people to get in the story before they just rush to online mode

Tonya Greene

Bloops made me cry

Rowley Jefferson

That would’ve sucked.

Pulsating Cleric

Congrats to 42 mil



Roger Carbajal

what can i explode

Samuel Long

And thus a legend was born

ΔLily the GamerΔ

is it just me it like the kdrama whats wrong with secretary kim😂😂

niranjan singh


Let's see how old she will get

AJ Mesama AJ

It’s the dads fault if he had stayed... but at the same time it’s not really his fault because he didn’t do this. But it be better if he didn’t go to war...

minh nhựt nguyễn

Thanks a lot


some of the weirdest easter eggs if ever seen *-*

Me: ofc you do he’s your dad!?!?

Macy Taco

I know its kinda stupid but you should race GIANT BUTTERS on a SUPERSIZE PANCAKE! They can be fake but the butter would have soap and baby oil on the butter and the pancake would have obstacles like blueberries or syrup(oil)

Falosi M.A.

I just noticed the sans on Lukes shirt

Kawaii- Senpai

Hi i'm new to the dolan twins fandom. I hope we can all be friends. #Ethma #Greathan


The first part of the video was hot! :D

A random Person

Captain hook LOL

Emma Oliver 48 (STUDENT)

1:59 Cody: there’s a bucket on my head

Hadi Akbar

I never realized that in bad boys!


With glitch 1 I scared my 9 year-old cousin! Just thought everyone should know...

Ali Rifath


Justaclown dude

Film with Neymar Jr

Matthew Blair-Isaacs