Type, side, difficulty Level, medium, mira, bP 1500.
Seems he may have already left.Rescued Orvid on the Krone Trail.Target : Sebion, king made to it to Sebion with your protection.King Safe and Sound.Follow King to Sebion.
Escorted Orvid to Manoria Village.
Boiled Egger R (x3).

This quest is probably the same kind.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.A lot of things can change with the loli (I didn't even know you could rescue her for example a merchant in guru west won't sell his usual stuff (sex stuff) when she is here, and you can't talk to Rin it seems too.Maybe some things were done on purpose and some were changed.According to Amelia, her uncle has some sort of business on the Krone Trail.I free casual sex dating wonder if he'll be all right heading out onto the Krone Trail alone like that?