John Dotty Pahrump, NV "If I could give m more than five stars, I would.
Age: 25-34 Daily mileage: 11-20 Gender: Female Primary vehicle: Truck Vehicles owned: 3 Was this a gift?: No Range: Ease of use: Accuracy: 8/31/2016.0 Just a fancy looking Escort 8500 X50 M4 Age: 45-54 Daily mileage: 11-20 Gender: Male Primary vehicle: Other Vehicles owned.In order to have access to these updates, please register your passport X70.The Whistler CR93 takes the performance of their preceding model, the Whistler CR90, to a noticeably higher level and offers some novel filtering and muting capabilities.When fdsr is enabled, the detector informs its owner that he or she is in close proximity to a vehicle that is using K-band radar as it collision avoidance system.Jeremy Finn - Kansas City, MO "Radar Roy was right the sensitivity and range on the Escort Redline is superb!Best place to buy: Escort iX Escort iX The new Escort iX is Escorts replacement to their outgoing Passport 9500ixEscorts best selling detector of all time.Its also a very technical detector, but for serious drivers looking a most refined and uncompromising radar detector, the Valentine continues to stand above all others and is my preferred radar detector when I go on long-distance multi-state (and sometimes high-speed) trips.Please consider using these links below to my personally recommended sources if and when you decide to make your purchase.Escort claims that this helps the Max 360 reject (ie; filter out) many K-band automotive collision avoidance systems that can wreak havoc on lessor detectors and it appears to come without much penalty in K-band detection performancethat can happen with less sophisticated detectors.This is especially helpful when you are in the proximity of CVS and Walgreens that often set off K-band false private escorts in delhi alerts with other detectors.(Language : English / Spanish).
While the performance is the same between the Whistler CR93 and the Whistler CR88, for the cost difference of about 30, my recommendation is to go with the CR93.

I've found no false alerts with this product.Im going to first provide a quick summary of each radar detectors rating, followed by a more detailed review of each radar detector.Age: 55-64 Daily mileage: Over 60 Gender: Male Primary vehicle: Truck Vehicles owned: 3 Was this a gift?: No Range: Ease of use: Accuracy: Displaying reviews 1-10 Previous Next » Stay Connected Email Signup Escort Inc.Radar detector use in commercial vehicles has been prohibited in the.S.They also offer exceptional filtering to K-band collision avoidance systems."packed with more information in one place than I was able to find anywhere else on the Web.".Call Displaying reviews 1-10 Previous Next » 7/17/2017.0 works great Age: 25-34 Daily mileage: Over 60 Gender: Male Primary vehicle: Sports car Vehicles owned: 2 Was this a gift?: No Range: Ease of use: Accuracy: 4/9/2017.0 Great product, would buy again.Amazon and eBay stores often quickly appear and then disappear, leaving you little options for post-sales and warranty support.To be clear, there is no bad detector in my rankings and the fact of the matter is that most detectors today are much better than they used to be even five years ago.I cant recommend either highly enough.

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Where the Radenso Pro M falls short, however, is its ability to detect X-band and police laser detections are well below those of other detectors at this price point.