En route to field-test the units I got one clue to what might be behind this unusual - if exemplary - behavior.
Both are available with the test-winning Escort Laser ShifterPro laser-jamming system.
Notice, this website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.Here's what I found.If the point of aim is shifted even by two feet, to a headlight, all but one of our five laser guns could get a speed almost instantly.Passport Max 2 and, passport 9500ix ) has a feature called Auto Learn.Power, manual mute, audio volume and three operating modes, city, highway and mute, are controlled by a small wireless his whore transmitter that measures about one-inch-square.It's backlit, making the important buttons easy to find and use at night.For example, at the Straightaway Test Site the Escort Passport 9500ci detected the.7 (GHz ka-band radar coming from behind at 7,240 feet.The widely-used LTI Ultralyte was equally unfazed by the K40 Defuser.K40 Calibre Ratings Maximum Possible Features Ka Radar Sensitivity K Radar Sensitivity False alarms Overall Value The K40 Defuser EX performed similarly against the popular Kustom Signals Pro Laser III and had no appreciable effect on the new Kustom Signals Pro Lite laser when that.The K40 Calibre's major components look pretty much like those of the K40 2000P model.
In this mode there are no audible alerts at all, only a flashing blue LED.
Other important feature you need to consider when investing in a radar detector is the ability to reject false alarms.

A speeding ticket can make your happiest moments turn sour in the blink of an eye.K40 trades heavily on the notion that a rear antenna is necessary to spot radar coming from behind.Many of them also come with digital voice alerts to allow you to stay fully informed without distracting your eyes from the road.Then it issues a voice or tone confirmation.Test Summary I was hoping to like the K40 Calibre remote radar detector and was intrigued by the promise of wireless operation.But not with the auto-mute strategy.Get it wrong and there will be another long pause to see if you've pressed the correct button.The Escort Passport 9500ci (also the.Performance On the street I found the K40 Calibre to be a model of civilized behavior.For the ultimate in ticket protection and peace of mind, we supply detectors that provide 360 laser and radar detection looking for beams not only in front of you, but also to the sides and behind you.
We found that for the K40 Defuser EX to have an effect on lasers they must be aimed only at the front plate,.e., at the jammer itself.
Continued: K40 Calibre Bluetooth Bluetooth or not, the K40 still has wires that must be routed through the firewall to a central interface box inside the car.

This process can take up to 20 seconds.
A small, lED display shows operating mode and other vital information.