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Babatunde Adelekan

He will recover; then he will join the Nets.

Matthew Thomas

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Dominick Schwutke

And now it's 2018


All halo games? o.o

Krista Stevens

Is anyone gonna say anything about how she said "who he bean with" on 0.04


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Marcus Mueller



I'm not sure if I'm impressed or disturbed.

Gerbil Cakes

wow man how to you find all this stuff it must take AGES keep up the good work and continue to bring more good content forward 

Edward the Really Useful Engine

I love Panda dude (that guy in the panda costume)

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Mia Hunter

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Mason Wong

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mr jama

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Charlie Bush

What was the intro song called?

Vasisht CZR

Who was there with panda in the car


Most of these channels are fake but the way this one is presented makes me think its really.

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Sudharshan Puchakayala

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James Hookins

hey guru i watch a lot of your videos and i think you do a really good job just one thing that would make them perfect is if you gave the comments instead of just writing them.

We Finna Get Poppin' Y'all

Unicorn Lover

I actually at the beginning didn't realize It was J.K Rowling then I'm like Wow, I'm stupid

Liam Summers

now do tomahawk :D

Frozen Fireball

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Bax Liu

But you have a beautiful voice

Alyssa Lee

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The K’s

5:41 u can hear him whisper "ow"

carter schneider

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Christ, the triggering is strong in this comment sextion.

Sporty Dude


Sam Turner

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