Alien Planets Revealed - A Nova Science 2014 Doc.

Documentary which aired in january 2014, a good documentary which asks the question "Are we alone?" and what might alien life look like on these other worlds that are being discovered. Kepler indentified more than 3,500 planets orbiting other stars in our Milkyway galaxy.Sorry that its only 480p hope its still viewable.

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Hey guru what is your next top ten going to be? (Just curious)

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I have a blitzball.

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What would you do if you have 6 months to live Reply to tell me what you would do

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He said it “we are so high”

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Guru! Don't talk in your movies. Text make it better, you can feel the atmosphere of the game. I think we just wanted to heard how you sounds like :) Ofc it's your channel and your movies but it's just my opinion. I will be waching you no maters what! :)

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Symptom 5: Yeah... Ive always felt anxious though... and Ive completely lost motivation in everything I do ever since I got into 4th grade.

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2:57 Did that hurt Ty?


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What’s the background song called it’s really good?

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My family is all from Michigan, this year they all picked Duke. My Grandma chose Virginia, my mom and I chose Michigan State. And of course state won.

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Team Coby all the way-Dude Perfect, you were my inspiration, Love you! P.S- Ty, my name is Tyler too.


Why didn't he cut the original one?...

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No why


Good editing as usual :)