Most turbos usually run around 33psi peak boost pressure falling slowly through the rev range to a rev limiter to suit your spec, usually between 78rpm!
380bhp Package 820 inc.
290bhp Package for the small turbo Escort RS Cosworth 650 inc.
Fits Sierra RS Cosworth 3 door, Sierra RS500 Cosworth, Sapphire RS Cosworth 2WD 4 door, Sapphire RS Cosworth 4WD, Escort RS Cosworth.Bosch 803 Dark Green Fuel Injectors.VAT Fitting (Sierras With T34/ T35 Turbo Only).This package does put some extra strain on the engine and to ensure reliability we do recommend the head gasket is upgraded to a multi- layer item.Gap between sensor cams.2-0.3mm.
The package includes the supply and fitment of: 280bhp Evolution Chip -31 Actuator, full Setup, including Fuel, Boost Detonation, check Under Load on the dyno 320bhp Package 720 inc.

For those of you who want to go further than the previously mentioned packages, its time to fit a larger turbocharger, in this case a T34.63 turbocharger (standard fitment on Large Turbo Escort Cosworth's).With the fitment of large fuel injectors (Siemens 55lb or chicago prostitutes location 83lb Blacks), a 3 Bar MAP Sensor to accurately read higher boost pressures and a stronger actuator to increase the boost pressure.The package includes the supply and fitment of: 320bhp Evolution Chip, bosch 803 Dark Green Fuel Injectors.This package will be a guaranteed smile raiser!Running 18psi peak, 16psi held boost pressure on the standard T28 turbocharger.The package includes the supply and fitment of: 340bhp Evolution Chip to suit your T34/ T35.
For those of you with Cams or ported heads we can offer a bespoke ECU Re calibration to take you up to in excess of 400 BHP and maybe up to 500 or more, depending on your engine specifications.