Escape Plan 5p Teaching & Play-through by Heavy Cardboard - YouTube

**This is a sponsored play-through from Eagle Grypon Games**Are you interested in learning how to play Escape Plan?Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video. Later, he is joined by Jess, Kaon, Tony, & Helen for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don't forget to like and subscribe!0:52 Video start1:23 Intro3:47 Game intro=======TEACH=======4:55 Component overview10:46 Game sequence12:19 Round structure13:09 Phase 1 - Income14:18 Phase 2 - Patrol16:17 Phase 3 - City20:09 Phase 4 - Turn order21:18 Phase 5 - Player actions24:16 Action - Rest26:50 Action - Move27:05 Move - 1. Travel32:58 Move - 2. Avoid38:14 Move - 3. Visit56:00 Phase 6 - End of Day56:14 Executive actions58:08 Adjusting Notoriety59:59 Escaping the city1:01:57 Final scoring=======GAME ON!=======1:07:16 Game start1:08:58 Day 1 - City1:12:31 Day 1 - Patrol1:13:11 Day 1 - Turn order1:13:28 Day 1 - Player actions2:02:31 Day 2 - Income2:04:34 Day 2 - Patrol2:05:10 Day 2 - City2:09:39 Day 2 - Turn order2:10:02 Day 2 - Player actions3:13:15 Day 3 - Income3:13:37 Day 3 - Patrol3:14:16 Day 3 - City3:20:28 Day 3 - Turn order3:22:34 Day 3 - Player actions4:06:29 Final scoring4:13:22 And the winner is...4:14:06 Outro....2:43:51 I’m not sure what just happened...BGG Game Link: our website:us:Guild: us on Instagram: Heavy Cardboard on Twitter: our Facebook page: to the podcast!iTunes: Play feed: to send us something?Heavy Cardboard321 Main St.Suite 2001Wakefield, MA 01880for watching and remember to comment below with your thoughts & feedback!

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i had no weapens (with another glitch) and when i bought a weapon from the wall all my points/weapens were gone :( and i heare samantha laughing

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