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Tim Xman

Another small easteregg in the game is that it’s 2 gas stations ⛽️ called Roxxon. It’s a reference to Cloak and Dagger. They just got their own TV show recently and they team up with Miles Morales in the Ultimate Comics Books quite often.

Me: No, Ditto is not a failed clone of Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a failed clone of Mew, and Dittos are also failed clones of Mew. Mewtwo was just closest to success.

One thing that was mentioned but they didn't give a name was "splitting" when you become another person and lash out. My partner hasn't done this recently since they have learned how to cope and work through episodes. But when it does happen it's scary and sometimes I have to ask if they want me to leave the room.

Fear ToD

Suddenly frozen became a fantasy action movie

After about 2 minutes this all finished

so relatable

Sam Raimi

Mask basketball


The Animator

Which song it was..?



Ewan Copp

After meeting Sam and David? it's Henry David is the crazy old canible

I'll just submit this in class

Said Seyda

6:58 it does sound like jason from element animation

yazid lisa

Nfl cheat

thanks i'm not gonna sleep anymore

Wkie4 Chizy

Who is panda in the custuom

MonsterB A

Empire State Building?

Imy Platt

Why didn’t they just give each other their number and text?


ur beautiful even if you are wearing jeans

Jordan Kim


When she was 11

Teh Hyper Gamer

I've never used pepper spray before, but I have an idea what's like. My brother was trying to cook some hot peppers one time and the smell was so strong, we started coughing and our eyes began to water, so he had to stop and let our kitchen air out by opening a window.

JZ 星星之火 Wu

When this channel colors in the pictures, it’s like really really satisfying to me..

Mattia 7



Rumor has it Panda is still running


I'm sorry but I can't fucking believe how good this is. This and no flex belongs on Youtube official music lmao

Battle Beast

Your instructor is rerarted. He should have pulled the break cord first before opening the 2nd parachute

Chase Maxx

22 bounces

Todd Of Howard

When the only anime you know is sao,aot,tokyo ghoul and death note...

Someone Idk



idk bout this one sir


“So I did what any normal person would do and stalked them”

Sebastian Quiroz

Also, that place in 1:25 it is part of the multiplayer map called "Capitol" on The Last Of Us, it appears in the campaign as well.

Samuel Thomas Scott



Zombies or monsters? Im tired of zombie games

Jake Matrix

Gaming community on top got 6 games on the trending page and they all look phenomenal !


and if you didnt know, the entire zombie story (besides origins) they all are in purgatory 

Pluto and Surfer’s Madness

OKAY, people really need to stop putting so many freaking onions near me when I’m watching YouTube!!

Red Wolf

What is the double rainbow video.