Enya - Only Time (Official Music Video)

Pre-order Enya's new album Dark Sky Island, out Nov. 20, 2015.iTunes: Enya on:Time" Lyrics:Who can say where the road goesWhere the day flows, only timeAnd who can say if your love growsAs your heart chose, only timeWho can say why your heart sighsAs your love flies, only timeAnd who can say why your heart criesWhen your love lies, only timeWho can say when the roads meetThat love might be in your heartAnd who can say when the day sleepsIf the night keeps all your heartNight keeps all your heartWho can say if your love growsAs your heart chose- Only timeAnd who can say where the road goesWhere the day flows, only timeWho knows? Only time

chelita rivera


Poop face McGee

That's awasted but is an awesome video

India Loves you

Vanessa Acuna

I love how panda is just chillin😏

Bruno Ludwig

Ty and his dad look the most alike

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Love you guys forever

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Was that money real

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I’m so sorry that happened to be your mom anyone who is on this channel. So sorry to what happened to you unless something good happened to you I love you bye


OK I will

นภาพร นสแก้ว


Josh McGrath

Who else whatching in 2018?

Harvs TheNerve

Disney: "Okay, how visually breathtaking do you want Frozen 2? Me: "Yes"


2019 anyone


Is it bad that I got my phone at 8 years old 😂??

We-haul Racing


Sherin Andrea

Proud of u and ur parents 😭

Aliffian Rombhani

Super high skinny flip

Sing Out Studios

Cody's bunker shot wasn't legal, his wedge hit the sand before he hit the ball.

Neon omar

Tony Tony, never rushing in but always giving a taste of continuous and painful experiences. Pettis and Cerrone realised how painful it is. He should try to give Khabib a taste of this experience.

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Bowling trick shot


Hah doggy at the end xd

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Tony Stark?!?!

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Do a second editors' edition!

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Without IVF I wouldn’t be alive


Am I the only one who thought unhealthy meaning food

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"I'm a homophobe who expects everyone to enable me".


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Did CinemaSins like the homage to his title scene? 

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what was the robot can i see cool robot

cool trick's

We should call the trick shot the arrow ball shot

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2019 anyone


Nothing will ever top the experience Metal Gear Solid offered on PSone back when it was released. Story-wise its the best in the series and features, IMO the best cast of characters and villains. MGS set the standard for all Metal Gear games to follow.


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Worst woman EVER. This story is whack, I wasted so much time on this bad series.

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play with TSC

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When did you post that

'Cause I don't wanna (No) play no games, play no games

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December 2018 like if so

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Time for Jarvis Johnson to come in