ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSROOM: CONVERSATION CLASSThis is one of the six videos for English language teaching-learning in the primary school. This video presents simple method through which the teacher enables learners use / speak English in real life contexts. Hope this video will benefit teachers, parents and learners.RAMANUJAM MEGANATHANrama_meganathan@yahoo.com DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION IN LANGUAGESNATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH AND TRAINING (NCERT), NEW DELHI 110016


Same I've had a phone since i was 10 years old

matthew etter




Troy Murdoch

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Scooby Doo

Yeah, play a soccer game at a baseball field🤣⚽️⚾️




Well, that was short

Bradley Owens

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JJ Pinto

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Duckie TheAmaingCat

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Adalyn playz YT

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Samurai 442

He looks like a nerd but every nerd us not a nerd

bZrK kT99

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david rosenthall

My friend is the landscaper for state of decay and he put in all these waster eggs :)

Shubhit D Modi


Rose Playz

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Yika Mrathul

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I suppose next time you are sponsored by an action movie, you should recreate more action scenes from it. I really liked the part with the shots frome the sides, because it fits the general style of the video. The driving scenes on the other hand did not fit into the video if you ask me and seemed unnatural. I understand and think it is totally legit that you are sponsored, how else would this work as a full time job. I hope you still read the comments on this rather old video :D


Les français montre vous


Must be great, not having homework.


Anyone else gonna talk about the lady in yellow that got tackled by Kyle though lol I feel that even she was a good sport and didn't get mad and then there's the person that pushes him.

reymon novan


Rosella Phantom

my grandpa smoked alot my my mom was younger but he stoped cause he was told lots of threanding if he dosent stop bla bla bla would happen. But he coughs a little he dosent have any lung issues anymore...im so lucky! But this story is simular to my relitives daughter got breast cancer and she had to take all of the red leters from chinese new years from her kids and husband....................she is still battling breast cancer now, shes lucky shes only at stage 1! Theres a chace she will survive........you dont have to like....if u want to like just like...if u want to dislike then dislike.....

Riles. Lewis


Jake Webber

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Squidney SaysYOLO

That guy came to my school to show us some tricks because he is my teachers nephew

Sofia Kirchner

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The World According To Remy

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dC Aristar

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Juhee Nam

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Michelle the Human

There's a reason people are curing type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety, arthritis, and even cancer on the ketogenic and/or carnivore diet. It's always important to look at the OTHER SIDE of the argument. Do your own research, come up with your own conclusions.

Brian Scalabrine aka GOAT

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Why does Cory look Asian or Japanese with his eyebrows cut?

Nauman Malik

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ozzy's space

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