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Kristi Sperber

Yes me

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the animation is killin it 💯 ❄️

kaan mardi

Ana nı avradını sikiyim

RedHeartBlade Rahul

They do it by A string

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2019 anyone

Jenna ahh

teddy has entered the chat:


Any film theory subscriber here?

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Shoutout to all you dads who care about every little thing .love you and thank u for everything dad


this was a one of the fastest 17 minutes i`ve ever had

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Golf and Trick Shots 💗👌


is emma skinnier?

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The twins are awsome

Kaela Creighton

I think many females are. Some of us are not worthy, so we make excuses. We're programmed to ignore our instincts, but we tend to go for the guy with the most food in the wild and protection and social standing. I disliked my twenties when the mating season came. Girls are vicious.

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My question what did the foster home do?😕

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Was she adopted or put into foster care?


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There's also a survivor not far away from the church wearing an Xbox Live t-shirt

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Thįęñ Āwėšømë

If im a dad i will accept my son/daughter gender

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Devin Fields


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I found another one lmao, I can't remember exactly where, I think it's inside a house, but there's a computer and next to it there's a mouse mat with the actual whole Naughty Dog logo

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This why hospitals should be free not just kids hospitals

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What's it about...?

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Who think luke=panda

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dang i thought that was Daniel negreanu in the thumbnail

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Dis is my favorite battle flip

“Huh, I actually nailed it.”

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Do Vikings!

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Blue jays

Demonitization Incoming

Well guess what?

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A barbecue stereotypes would be funny. Same with camping and/or traveling.

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Dude Perfect you guys are so FREAKING AWESOME!

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What about the hidden grunt in the last mission of halo 3 ?


It's good you're also doing movies easter eggs too not just videogames


Some where creepy

I am now 14 Day 6: same as 5 but just worse

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Who came to the comments to find out what the gift was


there are more then 2 masks. there are 4

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