El niño pequeño compra animales del juguete en el supermercado. Granja. Tienda de juguetes

Hola amigosCada niño ama una tienda de juguetes. ¡Queremos mostrarle cómo un niño pequeño entra en él y elige diferentes animales de juguete!Vaca, elefante, tigre, cerdo, jirafa, hipopótamo, gatito, gato, perro, cachorro, león, llama, liebre, lobo y muchos otros#animales#juguetes#paraniños

Kieona K

If I were u I couldn't live with myself

Dario Mohammed

I'll either play fl4k or zayne

Scottlyn Clement

I feel the same, my sister has heart problems but I’m completely fine and now my mom is pregnant again and I’m very worried so if y’all could prey for the baby it would be very appreciated.

Lucian Rono

at the beginning wtf.....why is venom snake talking that language out of a sudden O.o?



Garrett's 2nd round dizzy fail was too funny well done nice entertainment

Stewart Watson


my beast friend knew

Enforce Kickmore007

N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 8 ?

Takara Head

Sub to me


I was kind of sad, i din't found anything about Crash Bandicoot.

Me: (IN MY OPINION) Thats.....F@#KED UP!....

Jayyperez 5898

0:56 look at her instagram pics,then look at reality.....

Theodore Zafra

Orange team name is strom power blue team is black perfect and the red red blaze 😊😊😊😊😊☺

Federico Pippi

I don't like Fortnite but i love all the references made with the outfits and the taunts. Like the Carlton dance!

yoshitha kumarage

You guys are crazy 😍🔥🔥




no one really bows the real me 0.0 (I just noticed well except my mom)

x7itron matthew



At 12:36 should it look like a black dong and balls?

Mace 2.0

Bring on the Wilhelm screams!

Mom: Stare

Pheel Macababe

lol stairs...

Arsen Zhanbirbay

Who use bathroom

Daniella Atherton

HOLY SH*T!!! Here I was thinking that Disney's second trailer would just waste all the hype built up by the 1st one but they have proven me wrong, those glorious bastards!!!