EGYPT & JORDAN | Ep2: Solo Backpacking Jordan

Solo backpacking through Jordan in the second leg of my month long trip through Egypt & Jordan.I’ll be visiting Amman, the Dead Sea, Jerash, the Kings Highway, Karak, Petra and Wadi Rum.Egypt & Jordan are undoubtedly on most people's travel bucket lists, but I've always had the impression that the majority of people travel there on an organised tour.So I wanted to give it a go by myself and see what it was like treating it like a normal backpacking trip, staying at hostel and booking everything on the go.This second episode sees my journey continue as I head into Jordan for 10 days.Starting out in Amman, I did day trips to the Dead Sea, Mt Nebo, Madaba, Umm Qays, Aljoun and Jerash. Then I travelled south along the Kings Highway passed Karak, Dana Reserve and Shobak before arriving in Wadi Musa to see the ancient ruins of Petra, featured in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.Finally I head to Wadi Rum, the stunningly beautiful desert that’s been used in countless movies from Lawrence of Arabia to the Martian, and even Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.--------------------- Watch more films ---------------------SUBSCRIBE to my channel: website: Social Media---------------------------Facebook: Equipment---------------------------Sony A7s: 28-70mm Lens: Mic: DeadCat: Tripod: Hero 6: Monopod: MavicPro Drone: Case: Pro: Elements 4TB Hard Drive: used:Final Cut X, Adobe After EffectsMusic provided by MusicBed - get a free trial for the best music for your videos:About Karl Watson---------------------My name’s Karl, welcome to my channel that’s all about sharing my backpacking adventures from around the world, through fun, entertaining and honest travel documentaries. Through these films I want you - the audience - to escape and come on the journey with me, and then be inspired to start an adventure of your own.In between my travels I’m based in London, UK where I work as a freelance video editor. ---------------------#Jordan #BackpackingJordan #KarlWatson

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