Edward Hopper and the Blank Canvas

Mermaid girl For life

That is awesome that heir birthdays were the same month and day

Zac Ellis

Film with Antonio Brown

Benji Does Something

How did she swing her head?

Mia Inlander

is this a new disneyland ride or something?


Found an issue in the story hehe, his username stats he was born in 2002, it’s 2019 so 2019 - 2002 =17 so he is not old enough to go to college and would still be in high school

Alayna Carpenter

Why did you pass in the super bowl at the 1 yard line

Mr_ GrilledCheese

I love the vid as usual Guru! Keep it up! :)

Megalodon Roscoe

I like your camershal for the dude perfect show

like if her mom didnt go to school she cannot go to school too

brofist soldier

He's Elongated Musket


This game is amazing, You should play Ep.1 and Ep.2 if you enjoyed this game.

Bobby Combs


Maddie Manaois

I think his wife is not using the remote

Artur Wojciechowski

Probably all characters in Marvel: Am' I joke to you?!

Alex Soto

This title is misleading- I don’t see any semen

grdn rs

I once bought a not well known matte liquid lipstick from a well unknown company that youtuberS yes youtuberS PLURAL reviewed and the product was such crap. It was patchy, it was drying, it just didn’t even go on well. I’m never buying liquid lipsticks from unknown companies ever again

Ferrari Maserati Car Dealer

You uploaded this today and I'm in Vegas right now!

Paula Méndez

son unos profesionales mi hermano los quisiera conocer

Kenton Channer

Give them the og character faces


Any PC players overhyped for this game and shilling out for a preorder on epic game store right now is a dumbass sheep. You have no right to an opinion.

Peaches And Cream

Oh a popular girl! Yeah this entire thing sounds fake

Michael Tran

This looks fun