Education Connection (E3z Remix)

Because why not.

VεrτεX MK

“Let's hope this is on the pre-game show!”

Kiki Thorn

Didnt chucky kinda have this

Bugaboo Blend

Demn dat frzb looks cool

pmz14 !!!

Film with baker Mayfield next


She also my favorite

Jose Hernandez

Im so fansie you never know


The Never Emperor

dam ur pretty stupid


99% of people won't notice me, but for the 1% who do, you are legends. If you guys could get me to 5000 subs for new year, it would be the greatest wish I could ever come up with for this year. Thanks :D

Steven Roberts

Right that is it Mr FunWithGuru you sir are costing me money. I now have to go an re-purchase this game..... I forgot what an undeniable masterpiece this is

kiernan mccleerey

Thanks for this awesome vid

Eldar M

i LOVE your channel and your vids i sub and liked.

Mandy Lifestyle

You promise your friend you will not tell anyone but you told 10000 of people

Talha K

Watch Dogs's Hidden Illuminati Symbols..


fart noise


0:00 Hunger Games vibe???


New target ideas: playing cards, nerf darts after being shot from nerf gun, shaving cream can, ball pit balls


keep preesing 8


#YIAYJob YIAY question maker

Nate Kinkman

theres a nirnroot easter egg in the prydwen


Unused = Not used in previous videos.

Ronnie V.

Than earrape

Luis Daniel

My mom to dad: —We have always feared our son’s gayness were too much for this world—

Isabella Garcia

This is sooo sad now all I think about is how blessed I am with a mom and dad and brothers who love me and each other........

Helluva Dude


Adrian Sotelo

DANG!!!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keagan Hilborn

This is why dude perfect is so awesome

Mitko Kiprovski

no 5 guys!!! 6 with panda:-)

WyattHunt 41

Cory dude dudeTyler Cory I have to finish this callCory you car is running awayMe won’t stop laghing