Education Connection COMMERCIAL 2014 - Full Version

Here is the new Education Connection commercial with a new Education Connection girl.can help you get matched with the right college for free. EducationConnecton simple 3-step process makes finding a school quick and easy- just fill out the form, wait for the schools to contact you, and then choose the right school for you. Get Matched For Free! Here are the lyrics:"I was sitting in my room thinking hows it gonna be needed skills a good job and a college degreeI knew the thing I needed was to get more knowledgeTo really get ahead I had to get enrolled in collegeBut who was gonna help me find a school that's right for me?Education Connection get matched for free!Education Connection, Education Connection!Get matched for free!Use Education Connection to find a school that's right.It fits my budget and schedule, I can study day or night.It's the perfect match, so easy to findThey even show me how I can go to school onlineGetting matched is easy as one, two, three!They've helped two million people just like me!Education Connection, get matched for free!"

Erna Wati

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Hasmynn Gonzales

Bravo host ever!!!!

🤔this was posted 2018

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He's selling it ...go big boy

Remy Maynard

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Chopperstinks Ømega

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Diego Nunez01


Bandit •

for all i know... i’m trying this at home.

Bailey Griffith

If one bottle Is busted, there will be another.

Gacha_ Lovely

At the end of the video the boxes were so tiny at first😆😆🤣😂🤣

Trần Huy

''Call of doody'' haha 😂😂😂😂


1:08 xD

Jayden Tu

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Noah Mueller

The Hatch is also seen in the Wolverine games based on Xmen Origins: Wolverine. That's right, I played that game

Doesn't this cause any damage to her?

Aaliya Ellis

My mother has borderline personality disorder

Imagine World

Do you notice that they say the people that they are bullying are powerless and they're powerful but the only reason they have power is because of the people who are getting bullied


Haha this is great. If the world was more like this today everyone would be much happier.


lol what a cockroach XD

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Panda ambush!

Flaloon AJ

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Azzyland Fan /hi azzyland/notice me

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Erik Marin

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5:37 so... The Joker got laid?

Lexie Moss

I don’t get all the symptoms but I do get quite a few?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Mellon Swirl

Bijju mike pls have a like for me I’m scared that my parents will happen like that and I’m crying and no in my family loves me I’m always blamed hated and I’m to scared to call 911 and my heart is broken bc u are great and perfect now I’m a huge mess…

Sami Asif

I am sure it must include time travel Elsa will be go back in her past through time traveling with the help of trolls to know more about her powers