YES: 43 NO: 57, would it negatively affect your opinion of someone if they had used the services of a escorts prostitutes prostitute?
YES: 37 NO: 63, have you ever used the services of a prostitute?One of Germany's most successful online prostitution forums is run by, based in Stuttgart.Only 18 per cent of people had paid for pornographic videos/images or phonelines (this response was probably different before the internet was born).YES: 58 NO: 42 Would you be more inclined to pay if it was for charity?Set up five years ago, the site attracts some 60,000 visitors daily."Sex work is slowly becoming more like other professions.
"It is important for us to show that Artemis is properly equipped for these clients he said.

Over one in five people would also be more inclined to pay for sex if it was for charity.Do you think auctioning virginity for charity (as in the story of Virgins Wanted) is morally wrong?YES: 27 NO: 73, running a brothel (more than two prostitutes in same place) is prohibited by law in the UK, do you agree that these should remain illegal?Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.YES: 44 NO: 56, do you consider this prostitution?A spokesman for the brothel told Berlin's Tagesspiegel newspaper that the new measures which included "helpful personnel" were part of a drive to encourage older and disabled customers to enjoy its services.The trend is echoed elsewhere in the German sex industry, which became fully legal in 2002 and employs some 150,000 officially registered prostitutes who pay tax and are entitled to welfare benefits.Have you ever paid for pornographic videos/images or phonelines?Many women are forced or coerced into the industry, but in the case of Virgins Wanted, it is their choice, in a public auction, which is likely to result in a much safer environment than many in the industry witness.Earlier this month we reported.
The debate surrounding prostitution is complex and one we hope to be exploring soon.
When we heard that the site Virgins Wanted was auctioning the virginity of two young participants to the highest bidder, the twinge of discomfort felt in the office led us to commission a survey to see what our readers thought about paying for sex and.

The woman director of a Berlin home, who did not want to be identified, said recently that she wanted to offer a "room for intimate encounters" in her establishment.
Migliorini originally said she was doing this for the poor, as she will donate a portion of the funds to her local community in Santa Catarina.
The company's website auctions prostitutes, eBay-style, to the highest bidder.