The youngest is maybe 15 years old.
Die wollten doch nur ein schöneres Leben haben und wir haben sie so bestraft." Stiglegger, Marcus.
3 4, according to records, at least 34,140 European women were forced to serve as prostitutes during the German occupation of their own countries along with female prisoners of concentration camp brothels.In, brandenburg, two Polish, ostarbeiter teens who returned home to Kraków in advanced stage of pregnancy, reported to have been raped by German soldiers with such frequency that they were unable to perform any of the worker's designated labour.Archived from the original on May 13, 2008.The two women turn their pale faces to us, expressing weariness and resignation.Entry is 70 euros, including only one drink, and the ladies reportedly charge 300 euros an hour.Detroit: Wayne State University Press.14 See also edit a b c d "Camp Brothel".7 Some of them underwent forced sterilizations as well as forced abortions, often resulting in death.
13 via Internet Archive (in Polish).

Archived from the original.Accessed June 30, 2011.German concentration camp brothels were also re-enacted in fictional Nazi exploitation films made in the 1970s such as Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Last Orgy of the Third Reich, Love Camp 7, SS mk3 escort eclipse Experiment Camp and Nazi Love Camp.7 The soldiers were given official visitation cards issued by Oberkommando des Heeres and were prohibited from engaging in sexual contact with other French women.This Amsterdam sex club played a role in several high-publicity affairs, including the famous and fraudulent stock market entry of Nina Brink's World Online.3, contents, history and operation edit, see also: German military brothels in World War II and, war crimes of the Wehrmacht Rapes.But there have always been opponents to the 'normalization' of prostitution, and in 1911 they succeeded in installing a ban on brothels (meaning the commercial exploitation of prostitutes - prostitution itself was not banned).
In, world War II, Nazi Germany established brothels in the concentration camps lagerbordell ) to create an incentive for prisoners to collaborate, although these institutions were used mostly.
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