Don't Give Importance to Entertainment - Seeman

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Amy Boho

How is this story possibly true??!! It makes no sense...

Travis Birch

The clay peigon changed from orange to green in mid air


They trick shots videos are best

Thompson 5

the chequered suits on the chequered background made me eyes go well funny! way to go Bobby! x

Andrew Elliott

Amen to your amen, amening him for amening you on your amen....

BLU bambamitoman

I WANNA BUY IT NOW 🤣 like for real

Maddie. Zzzz

This is so sad

Ethan's Universe

When Ty loses, goes rage monster

Backyard Brothers

Hit or miss ha ha😅😅

Connor Fay

Lol i watched this five times and i just noticed that the no touchie guys fish was gutted


xxx tentacion vibes from this song. This is also black genocide idolizing being a functioning addict, too many men in the black community are so weak and dumbed down

Remi LaRose

f in chat, the homophobe is being bullied for a shitty opinion 😔

eli webster

Every 6 year old Geret is died

Peppachelet Jr

you are The best i was here for 3 years with another accounts you are one of The betters youtuber that a i knew and i can remember when you did The big rat on mirror's edge or when you upload another games and glitches on Gurukid your second channel

Tryndon Carlin

Make it into an episode please? @matpat

Erika Maquilon

Im drinking lemondade and eating chips

Kazuhira Miller

I don't understand number 4

Aubrey D

2018 anyone?

Darren Bailey

New Zelda breath of the wild sequel trailer released

れιgнтςσяє Modern Combat 5 And more!

Dick's very mature shop name xd

And respect the difference....

Jackie Gallardo

Where is Cory and Coby?