DNA and Behavioral Genetics - Robert Plomin

Serious Science - geneticist Robert Plomin on twin studies, genetic influence of parents on their children, and 1% of DNA that makes people different

GL skills7

You must do a paintball video btw love your vids

loganathan logu

that so awesome

and my mom disgusted me as well

sukhdeep kaur

basketballs competition


man her voice is so cute ❤️

seth maldonado

So curry 27 points 4 rebounds. And 6 assists is bad? This is a dumb take steph can only do so much. I mean he is avg. What 30ppg? And he is a the problem? He had no help, he gets double teamed every posession and he makes the right choice in passing it....other players not making shots is not steph's fault

Illy Arina

But is the dog okay???

Gaming Blitz

Or number 8

Maple Girl

What’s puma?

Bay Area 650

Steph is not only a Superstar but an unbelievable and humble person.. I dont know why so many ppl hate on him. Prayers up for KD.

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Nice job Cory

Kenny Jones

Your videos man...absolutely outstanding work. From the content, to the music, to the subtle relaxing sound of just the game( no in game background music, just footsteps, sound effects etc..) Love your vids.

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So is this pure multiplayer or is it the first time we get a GOLDEN singleplayer campaign story w open world no timer like dead rising

TDG! Music & Vlogs!

So no more sister Squad #Sad😭


This guys are the personifications of PROFESIONAL

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If someone asked me for a Pic I would send him a Pic that is written in it "Pi""



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I love your video gru

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Coby is like a small kid. Whenever someone tells him that he is leaving his team, he is always sad and wants people to join his team and he is also very happy when someone joins his team.


Uh oh.... toy story 4 vs Frozen 2 Who will win the Oscar for best animated feature film 2020 lol


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Flower 15

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