Discontinued Snack Taste Test - YouTube

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Aisha Rose

This story is so relevant to what I’m going through right now.

daysa dreamer

I videoed my whole reaction all though it was pretty much pointless cause the whole time I was staring in silent shock, mouth gaping and pupils dilated as hell. Midway through the trailer I literally dropped to my knees cause i was shaking so much I literally couldn't stand. it wasn't until at least 2 minutes after the trailer ended that I started screaming. maybe 7 minutes later and now I'm sitting on the couch (cause I can't stand) typing this while im bouncing my knee cause I'm so overwhelmed with excitment. so yeah, the trailer was pretty good.

Khalid Alghamdi

كيف الكلمه

Will Shepard

'comment your favorite video'? i think thats obvious lol

Metal reforce

I guess 10


Dude you should totally do a video on COD AW one vid for campaign, survival, and multiplayer. The other vid on its Zombies dlc.

sam pickus


the roblox artist on sketch

once I read the title my brain said “how the hell can sleepwalking can control your body and make you shave your head”

Alexa this is so sad play Despacito 2.

Lety Flores

My favoriteone was the last one


I only wish I could “Throw away” a boomerang. BUT IT KEEPS COMING BACK


OG smosh viewers remember his emo hair.


des einhorn xd

Young XSO

Finally you r back... This shit scared me


Fuulllllll circle!

JanRoyalz _YT

I Think They Took A Plane Or A Boat

Gamestuff in a minute

Another reference to the Scarface movie is the big mansion (red from inside) in which we can save our game.

Ivy Lustre

I hate you note

Mace 87

Taylor Swift

Thats a pre drawn image being recorded while erased. And then played backwards

MAYBE If I was in this situation I would kill myself


So this was the Mewtwo that Ash tried to punch

Matthew Hurst

Wow i never realize any of them when i rewatch them I see lol

Bryant Guzman

But if we bon’t come can you show us in camera

We added loading screen because gamers wanted the nostalgia of gaming, since gaming will always be gaming


“Have”, not “got”. Good grief. This is simple grammar.

Deborah Clark

Thinking of you and your family in this difficult time 💎 xxx

Connor Olafson

Just came in my pants a little

Keegan Kelly

So unfair

mutiyangpiling babae

I think it was just a misunderstanding maybe she just doesn't support the same-sex marriage but still have respect for them. She didn't elaborate her answer that's why she got treated this way she just simply said no. That friend of hers is not a real friend a real friend should be understanding and also why would she get offended of her opinion? She asked for it, don't assume that everyone would say "yes". A person should not be bullied because of his/her opinion.

Gabby Morales

my birthday is on super bowl sunday

Evan Newlander

Dear “Old Guy”You always made these videos better and funnier. We will never forget you, and you will be missedWith love and sadness,The entire Dude Perfect fanbase.If Ty gets selected for Wheel Unfortunate in the year 2019, I will say something about Joe Montana not being in the fantasy draft


Dalton Hainline

I like cats

Chris Smith

He just took that off the nose! haha fuckin great!



Adeleye Hassan

Since i came across this video, have watched 26times. You can do almost anything if you just believed


1:25 u starin at her tits

Alexander Vallecillo

Me: 00:1 halo is that you my sweetDisney:Sike thats the wrong (THING)

Harrison Snook

41 people were attacked by the panda


So that’s how they faked the pandas reveal on MONKEYPANTS777’s channel!

Reaction with moussa

what the shit

Mandie Blucher

love it


Snake... oh god...

Jesse Sanchez

What was that ending,Cody?

Arjo moreno

Assassination of panda2013-2013

Keira McGrenehan

Did anyone ever notice how ty always wins?