Did Elon Musk Set A Trap For Tesla Shortsellers? - YouTube

Elon Musk does not like Tesla short sellers at all, and can you blame him?The constantly say his company is going to go out of business every year. The consistently place bets that his company will fail. The consistently try to put out negative news about him or tesla in general. If you were in his shoes you may not like short sellers at all either. Question is did Elon Musk set a trap for short sellers? Lets discuss that.Biggest Sale ever on my Becoming Master of the Stock Market Course!70% off today! Are you ready to start building wealth through stock investing? to join my private stock group My IG is : FinancialEducationJeremyFinancial Education Channel

Caleb Forslund

Hey DP, why not a video at the NEW Kyle Field?

Alison Maguire


The Elite Hacker

What! Tyler didn’t win? Is this possible?

Sean Brackin

tanner fox


actually, a113 is in the star constellation above the trailer that randall gets stranded in

Father:prove it


1:55 pool machinegun

Keith Kronner

You should film at the Detroit lions training facility like you did with the Seahawks

marina b-army

call me by your name ❤️😭

Aditya Vadageri


Brady King

Roses are red, Coby will win,It may take a while,But I still believe in him.(Lol who cares if it doesn’t rhyme :P)

Canadian Gal

If that dude grabbed my ass he wouldn’t have hands or arms for the rest of his life...

Chandu Naik

Panda is the best dancer

Bal preet

Total legitness

Bejamino G

Do you just make these up

fin 6125

Im am buying this now. where can I pre order nintendo. Please

Derick Le Roux

Kano battle

Hat We didn’t rest, I didn’t wanna rest. I wanted to see my grandmother ASAP.

Copy Catt Gaming

Who is behind panda?? Like if you wonder too...

Aze Rush

Who was driving the car?

Давайте поможем кто сколько может номер карты сбербанка 639002479000179050 или номер счета 4081781014711401160

A.J. Carnaj

I'm almost positive the two soldiers talking @ 6.52 are two of the Battlefield Friends.

bolt sonic98

That's not the only 2 Easter eggs that reference mlp sometimes when reading a persons description it will reference the Brony fandom I think it's rare to stumble upon though


@micceNProductions a glorious thing called wind my friend :L

just lillie


Watts Of Gaming

there's a glitch in one of the quarantines I can't remember but you just on a metal book shelf that your supposed to slide under and you use grapple to pull yourself through the wall somehow or jump and grab a ledge and theirs actual items in there and if you go upstairs a person from the window can hear zombies inside eating away, but inside its them eating nothing and there are a few items but nothing special, cool find if I could remember where it is!

Thomas Martin

did anyone expect gordon freemans gravity gun to be in that room where you break the wall with the crowbar? I MEAN LOOK AT THE STYLE OF THE CROWBAR

Friend: alright!

AcEt Jett


puppy dog668


Thibaut Guichard

1:01 good moment !!!!!!!

mark M

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Its Emyli

My mom abuse me

Mark Greely

Rc plane battle


aakash tayal

Crazy 🔥

Sydney Biebert

I vote team Cory!

Baby Bear

I started crying because I was writing what I wanted to say and I was imagining the conversation and I was planning on telling them when I self harmed just recently and I just broke down crying thinking about it I really don’t feel like telling my parents..