Dhairyam (2019) New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Ajay Rao, Aditi Prabhudeva

Ajay is a bright student from a lower-middle-class family. He falls in love with Parimala, whose parents foist conditions in order to get married, which leaves him struggling to fulfil expectations.Movie: DhairyamStar Cast: Ajay Rao, Aditi Prabhudeva, Sadhu Kokila Music: Emil MohammadProducer: Riwaz DuggalDirector: Shiva Tejas------------------------------------------------Enjoy and stay connected with us!!☛ Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel: Like us on Facebook:- Follow us on Twitter:- Circle us on G+: Visit Our Website:


Guy: By 2019 we will have commercial flights into space!

Amy Smallwood


your girl Indie

I was surprised abt this 😂

Autumn Barnes

you need to make a baseball stereotypes


Aww this is really cutee

The fact that whoever wrote this hid behind a bullied little girl for the audience’s sympathy is gross too. Homophobia is homophobia. It doesn’t matter what form it takes or who’s partaking in it. Not accepting the LGBT community isn’t an “opinion differing from the majority”. It’s oppression. It’s like saying “I don’t support the banning of slavery.” I just.. why does this exist in 2019? Where did we go wrong as a society?

Howie Davis

Omg I freaking hated when my mom would compare me to other kids. One day I had enough and told her that if she wanted a daughter like that then she should have another one and get rid of me since I wasn't what she wanted. She was shocked when I said that and said sorry but of course I was a kid so I cried for a long time until my dad got home and explain to me that mom didn't mean it. Ever since that day she stopped comparing to other kids. I felt better but I always had that thought in the back of my mind that my mom wanted a different kind of daughter and that thought stuck with me well up until 10th grade. I finally realized that she just said it because she didn't know how else to motivate me but because of it I kinda always had that thought "there is always someone else that is better than you at a particular subject" (sports music and ect ) so why try. That's why I'm kinda laid back and I don't try to aim to high in my goals. Don't get me wrong my mom was an awesome mom and I love her and I know she loves me. I get what she was trying to do but I guess it kinda backfired on her lol.

Bionic Blaze


nohutlu pilav

2:36 pizza planet car

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Damn your 1 frame messages lmao I have to spam the space bar quickly as all hell just to read it.



Lil t The goat

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Damn. Snape gave me Tingles. WTF

colin mckenna

Garrett’s baseball fail was the best

The KFC Dragon

james Charles as a child but if he where successful

Just leave Me Alone

Pls better narrarator

and secret organizations,

Anthony Sng

Anybody watching in 2019?

nivedh sunil

Cody and his dadlook alike

GD_ _DarkStorm74

A guy slowly pops up around the corner can surely scare the crap out you, gg.


is this actually 2 dudes? lol

Bill Gates: Am I a joke to you?

Khanh Do

@FIRINLAZARzz yah.. its just a little magnet.. so when it is close to the hoop. it goes in.. they dont need a big ass magnet.. just a little to help when the ball is close. and it wouldnt bounce of.

Hector Miguel Montes Rodriguez

Gracias por esa rola Bunny 🐇🥕👹 I loved it..


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Lewis Ross

As seen soon as I seen red rocket and dog I immediately thought "oh no" xD


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Mylan Batenburg

i like the easter eggs


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Hudson Taylor

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Kookie Master

That is the same thing happend to me


idk what that says about me

Cjpk AllDay

Thank you guru, video game secrets are what i live for.

Gaby Ramos


The Rabbit

Gonna guess its JK Rowling from the start

Jakob Bartoni

Such silent Hill Much pyramid head