Emma Cox, left, and Zobia Taqi helped run Archer's empire which stretched across London.
His trusted accomplices Emma Cox, 41, and Zobia Taqi, 29, helped run the empire which stretched from a two-bed flat in Fulham, west London to Forest Gate in east London.
'You were involved in wholesale commercial management of prostitution in malaysia kuala lumpur a multiplicity of properties and prostitutes.
He admitted conspiracy to control prostitution for gain, two counts of human trafficking, possession of an identity document with improper intention and concealing criminal property, Scotland Yard said.The vulnerability of the women and his position of strength created an imbalance which he exploited again and again - financially, emotionally, and in some cases sexually.Sorry we are not currently accepting comments on this article.Archers accomplices Emma Cox, 41, of New Timber Avenue, Worthing and Zobia Taqi, 29 of High Road, Ilford, both admitted on 10 February to conspiracy to control prostitution for gain.As the inquiry progressed, the involvement of Cox and Taqi became evident and they were both arrested in August 2016.'She was scared and she was desperate said Judge Sheelagh Canavan.
Sending him to prison, Judge Canavan said Archer was involved in the 'wholesale commercial management of properties and prostitutes'.

Both were sentenced today to 12 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, 150 hours unpaid work and 20 days rehabilitation.Archer admitted a string of other offences including human trafficking and concealing criminal property, and was convicted of sexual assault.David Archer ran a prostitution empire with an annual turnover of at least.6million.'It's clear there is an enduring demand for sex work.Archer's trusted associates, Emma Cox, 41, and Zobia Taqi, 29, were spared jail after they pleaded guilty to controlling prostitution.Described in court as a 'psycho' by one prostitute, Archer imposed strict rules on the women, forcing them to wear underwear at all times and monitoring them with cctv cameras 24 hours a day.Archer advertised rooms in these properties for sex workers to use.'He abused the trust that she had placed in him and made her feel cheap and nasty.These included a house and a hotel, both in Romford Road, Forest Gate, plus a hotel in Barking Road, Plaistow.Ian McLoughlin, prosecuting, said: 'David Archer controlled the money, taking a percentage of their income.Cctv cameras installed on all the sites showed them collecting cash from prostitutes when a client visited.