dates and honey for sex

Mouth ulcers: Being a potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, cloves acts as an excellent curative aid for treatment of mouth sores.
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Healthy heart: Cinnamon contains fibre and calcium, which help transport bile salts outside the body by breaking down cholesterol.
The presence of antibacterial compounds in honey helps to wipe out infections.Do this at least three times a day to get rid of mouth ulcers.This isnt even the strangest antibacterial agent thats been presented at the conference this week.The research was presented at the.A glass of milk along with dried dates is highly beneficial to increase sexual power.

Date and Goat Milk, to enhance your sexual power, take a handful of (about 5-7) dates and soak them in fresh goat's milk overnight.Digestion: If you are suffering from indigestion, drink lemon juice with honey to attain relief.This allows vinegar to percolate into the skin, thereby helping you to banish dandruff.Dandruff: Apple cider vinegar contains powerful enzymes that help kill bacteria and fungus that cause dandruff.Apart from this, honey also moisturises your skin.Drink this shake at least once a day to boost your sexual power.Date(khajoor) contains many vitamins hot escorts las vegas and minerals which are essential to boost sexual power even in older persons.Wash off your face the next morning with lukewarm water.Also it keeps your skin young and radiant.
Dates(Khajur) are excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary ey also contain a good amount of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5 brothel kiev ukraine and small amount of Vitamin ey are free from cholesterol and are very low in fat.
How to use it: Take half a spoonful of ginger juice and consume it with one half-boiled egg and some honey.