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Marihuana y bebida


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Garett was ill or having a kid

Micah Hazelwood

We brown and sticky? A stick

Frosty Playz

Y do they do songs everyone love,like “love is action”

Mc Mack

Why are Disney movies becoming so fucking dark now

Zechariah Incredible gamer

Panda all the way


my top 3 fav. youtubers:

Bi Bo!

Flex seal on it name at the end 😂 10/10

Guia Mempin

i think he likes you hehe


Why on earth are people forgetting that in every other sport where spheres travel long distances they curve as well?Have you never seen a soccer ball bend?The way he threw it is exactly consistent with the curve.You never see this on a court because no one throws a basketball like that (spinning diagonally instead of simply over-under).Besides, if they were going to fake it, why would they deliberately add something that might look fake?Occam's Razor says multiple takes.


LA RAMS can have as many CELEBRITIES plays as they like...but....one TEAM they cant DEFEAT.....IM PROUD TO BE NE PATRIOT'S FAN..WOOHOO.

Wolf of the Night

I remember one day in school and I was having a bad day I was agitated and then is American(white) girl teased me for being an immigrant and I just couldn't help to hell at and I told that at least I have a culture. I regret saying that it was really rude and distasteful.

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Jaxson Routley

2019 anyone

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OMG a double upload and he commented on my comment yesterday day. This has to be a dream come true.

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Helped me. a lot