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Castor Martin

Cory’s ball never hit the screen so they tied😂😂

I stan not wrong group

Trending num 8 in my country💜

Tudo gacha

Só eu q sou Brasileira?

Eileen Foster

This man is trash

Joey G gaming & more

You should unmask the panda one video

Tony Montana

i want to try 1980 one but not working :/

Becca Paulson

cody and lukes name should be loky

Henry Giles

* dlc pack

MrMystery Oohscary

Wow mind blowing, last one was the best

Matthew Montenegro

My summer is already roen


VERY GOOD FOR U. most people try to stop but never succeed.

lea lea

i had that experience too. first boyfriend for 4 years. and emotional abuse. and we just breakup a month ago. totally the same. he consumed my life.

jamie anomie

hmm adoption works

joske vermeulen



Was that a slowed down version the Interstellar OST?

Shrek Master666

Ha, I hate human contact, but that's just social anxiety!!!!!!!!

Ethan Martinez

Music easter video eggs inside


The tall man

Kitty Afridi

where is ur dad now

Joe McEnaney

Why does he have to be called Joseph?


Another well made video. God job.



Squidward 354

Brushing his teeth. *asks for orange juice. Literally cringed

Man : eats fish

Dylan woop

@QSxHITMAN wut does tht mean?

Donald J Trump

0:42 pause it and look at the board. It was a wiener that someone turned into a face

Heat Headquarters

Patriots for lifeI wish I saw them at Gillette stadium.I’ve gone like 5-6 times

Matthew Sheppard

Stephen curry

Mr egg

So that's Dad perfect..

Nadia Afrose

Keeping everything aside, it hurts a lot to loose a best friend. Lost mine and now we pretend like strangers when we meet, it's sad, I knew I had my faults but instead of confronting me about those, she kicked ne out of her life, TWICE🙃

Milly Garcia



Gives me a boner


2019 anyone

johnny W

My style

The Creative Unicorn

2019 anyone?

I am very weak and on the first day of school I couldnot carry my backpack of 12 pound (yes I weighed it) and now my backpack feels like air

The Master of Monsters

if I play the beast master I had better get an alien t rex


Am I the only one that feels like guru has been really depressed


I had an Easter egg on batman arkham city when it's just says random numbers could this be a Easter egg linked to a huge one?

Septic Animations

Sound like anime.

james d

Deeply unhealthy and culturally confused is the perfect way to describe america.


i sneezed when i was sleeping


When the MGSV: Phantom Pain best easter egg?

Mary Spurlock

I love those bloopers 😂😂

Leila Root

I'm the Mr. No Touchie person lol

Caleb Daly productions

Dude this instructor sucked, you're supposed to release your main parachute before releasing your emergency parachute so you can avoid it getting tangled. If you can't get either to work, you're supposed to watch out and then look for anywhere but water because water is deadly from that height. You then maneuver into a standing position as you approach the ground and let your legs take the full brunt of the impact, your legs will absorb it but everything including your femur will shatter because of it. You then attempt to stay awake, what's ironic is that I learned this on youtube, when this instructor should've been taught before being allowed to do Tandem jumping with others because it's their first time.

The Reality Believe It

the twins suck,they can't even sink shots, they're useless screw the twins DP should replace them with better people,they can't even celebrate right, when they yell they sound stupid,when Ty yells it's amazing

I won't be surprised though😒


What's it?

Me: ...??????? ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??

At least we'll get a port, but it is in no way improved.

Jamil Hunjra

Who love Starbucks??


How do these guys do that!?

Banjara Vlog

Hit like if you want #REMATCH