Dancing Gummy Worm!

If you some a gummy worm in sodium water for about 15m then drop it into a glass of vinegar it will make the worm spin and dance!


After so many of you guys enjoyed the last website video I made, I had to make another. So 2013 is almost over and I just want to thank everyone that's been watching my videos over the past year, whether you've only starting watching a few months ago or since the beginning. Thanks so much. Enjoy!

XxDylanTheDerpyxX :

Anyone in 2019???

Poo poo Sex beans

Homobox one

Dewi Xoxo

126th comment yes😃

Eddy shi

I like the playground rainbow


We want Dude Imperfect, DIP


whos watcking in 2018

2° You imprube even more hiding them because darn, I can´t find nothing.

Stone Master

Is the crowd full of whiny babies??? 🤔

Unknown Person

I wonder if hans could ever show up in this part, i really miss him

Ain’t no kiddie channel no more

2. Both series have a mind blowing, deep, meaningful and sometimes convoluted story.

RyanRhino69 -

1:37 Does that mean I can start calling her “Queen Bee” from now on?

Hank Strudel

disgusting we should be building bridges not walls!!!!!

ENG Starz



The DLCs gave it plenty of re-playability. Idk I loved bl1, but now I think it's kinda pointless to play now that BL2 is far superior to it in every way.

Aliyaa P

90% of the comments - tHe wAteR iS sO rEaLisTiC10% of the comments - meming this trailer

Ángela González Olmos YR8R

You are so strong. I admire you, everything you've gone through is actually kinda similar to what I have gone through too. And i kinda like u now... u seem sweet and positive, u go girllll.

Самый активный Подписчик казуса

По приколу спрашиваю, есть русские???

georgie treffers

this is unreal

Addison Worley

Do you think that's Panda at 1:40?


does that ryze son of rome game ecist for pc?.. looked really nice.. also, nice video mate :) 

Police: Give Us One Hour

Kermit the frog


Eoin 'O D

This was made 6 days after my birthday

Vickie Lavigne

Bobby has some like crazy aim

Fett Gondel

1:20 Basket Bow

Gorakh Patil

Stop Braking toys give it to poor children

Muhammed Musthafa

What type of background music is being used in this video?

Daniel Pollock

@WowFreak981 WOW

Ebola Sushi

We need sips for number 1 lol

Her: Surprised pikachu face

Kyle Pratt

Did anybody notice the jumbo balls are bowling balls

Aresama Dayo

1:30 it's look like from brave

MyNameIsJeff 2621

He's being a troll, you idiot.