Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled - All Bosses + Cutscenes

All boss fights compilation of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One (1080p & 60fps) Enjoy - Rate - Comment - Subscribe =) ►Activate the description for the order of the bosses!!Every boss fight:02:00 Ripper Roo04:57 Papu Papu08:20 Komodo Joe11:44 Pinstripe Potoroo16:31 Nitros Oxide (Final Boss)21:16 Ending21:56 Nitros Oxide (True Final Boss)26:44 True Ending & CreditsAll boss battles of Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled for PS4 in 1080p and 60fps►No Commentary Gameplay by ProsafiaGaming (2019)◄

Ella Chiva

She said her lip kit lasts all night and then halfway through Ariels party u see it all worn off 😂


I’m wondering how many dents are in their walls

JJ Rib

I have the air gun at home but no the dried iced

The Ultra tuber

Point from above!


Screeches In can’t gain weight

Juandadh XD

alguien habla spana .c?

River Walker

even though it should have bounced way higher and they could have used fishing wire I THINK THIS SHOT IS REAL


HaHa funny



JM Vila


لوفي المتهور



That outro tho

Timeline UDM

Wish you put, the person that doesn’t knows about the movie

Dallas Long

Not really a Drew Breez fan, but he's a cool guy, much respect to him & yesss those were great throws!!


None of these were realy creepy but the mw3 one was depressing


At the end in the bottom-right corner said that there where 4 easter eggs hidden in this video, not including the actual easter eggs in the video. (eggception)

Causing Chaos

If you run straight to the window on the right in the beginning of the game, you see something your not supposed too, a man walking in the door in the window

Adam Wilson

Lol when he jumped off I would have left him

Brett Hoop

A mile swim isn’t bad I had to swim 2500 meters

Umang Gurung

Imagine that score tomorrow night

tyler fallout

Your dad is in hell of eternity and will be torchurd for his sin.

Miriam Eclipse




Eykal Haikal

#8 trending in Malaysia 🤘🏻


eh? So my Step Dad is my dad?

Nick Lopez

why didn't you land on the ufo with your heli?

samin labib

Why every girl is saying ksi is not rich loll

Infinityy Wolf

Nice vid

вυввlєgυм уσσиgι

i’m going on vacation in the summer. we’ll be flying..? well goodbye cruel world

Neko Cat

8:40 am i the only one who shipped him and his reflection

Piggie Land

Who else thought she meant she was the only skinny one in the family, just me? Ok

Charmy, The Cola Queen

And i'm here just having a cold


Try to play some left FOUR dead some time


Look when Activision set COD in WW1 in next two years.

The entire Dude Perfect fanbase.

Satyam Bajpai

Graphics are cool but they are more game like and transitions aren't smooth.Kids' stuff.

Gavin Sy

This is why everyone needs common sense

Team SmUg

2:39 what does that trick shot have to do with crossbows


I rily wanna look lyk dominik from suicide room but im a girl nd idk y i started feeling lyk dis. i sometimes just feel so depressed im so afraid one day i would end up lyk him... HELP

Me in 20 years—-> homeless won’t 8 kids and 2 drug addicted husbands and 92 cats

Yacin Anharo

elon musk i knew it

jason ezeala

Pokeza 1not. Me

Chris Grabosky

My grandfather showed me how 2 dropkick... 35 yards..


lol seaward