cool card tricks u should learm - YouTube

it's really awesome

Roman McMillan


Jack Goldstraw

Awww what why are you quitting D: pls nuu

Fragman Bey

Hack Amk bunlar banlayin :D

eldi bregu

bunch jumping

Erika Michaca

amas nerf

Alexis G.

I thought I saw a PIG in the thumbnail

4. No more powers

Kyle Sloderbeck

I hope this game works when we get it :)

Jonas Fortnite goat

Omg I cried so much I am so sorry for you!!!😭😭😭

Blake Larsen

Sep 18

Julie & Julia 2009

Christopher Matos

Everyone has the right to live their sexuality.

SoccerGuY 8

This collab was awesome

Slender Absolutions



Why a 2nd one, the 1st was trash

Dat Black dude

im filling spermi

David Fernandes

Meow meow meow LOL

wElL sHiT

izzgaming zack


EricDad Beast

Guys why don't you do a lego one and like if you agree


This reminds me of tron


Dog: woofCow: mooBee: buzzDuck: quackPig: oinkDude Perfect: YEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Wer dumb

the paper that is is next to the paperman is close to the lost dog paper from bolt

Jacob Lee

Coby with -100% chance of winning

Al Paca

What are you doing in my swamp?!

kayla krevalin

DUDE TY that shot was crazy from the high tower 2 in a ROW you are pretty much my favorite of the team

Cesar Del Rio

Wtf did I just watch 😂


leave a like if you are watching in 2019

BradyBG 73

My favorite dunk was the signature dunk!


You are awesome!!!!

jose miguel orellana larach

Im Second you suckers xD


Are they any easter eggs referencing Shining?


Ice skating

Macmillan mitir

Dude Perfects first ever video was like this. But with basketballs and a truck instead of a trolley!

77 discord Memes XD

2:56 double pump meme