February 28, 2013 Jodi Arias Breaks Down on the Stand; Lawman.
In Pakistan; Inmates Escape From Alabama Jail; Hostage In Georgia; Randal McCloy's Condition Upgraded To Serious; Gerald Ford Treated For Pneumonia; Flu Strain Mutated And Developed Resistance; Cannibal Finds Victim On Internet; 2-year-old Faces Deportation; Strange Weather Patterns January 13, 2006 CIA Targets al Qaeda's.
Aired 8-9p ET Source: Trump Wants Top Secret Clearance for His Children; Source: "Knife Fight" as Trump Builds National Security Cabinet; Obama on Trump: "This Office Has a Way of Waking You Up Supreme Court Changes; Trump on Business: "My Kids Will Run It Journalist.Encore Presentation: We Were Warned: Tomorrow's Oil Crisis April 19, 2006 New Orleans Levee Reconstruction Behind Schedule?; White House Press Secretary Resigns; Arrested Duke Lacrosse Players Have Alibi; Global Warming in Alaska; Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Give Birth White House Makeover; It's a Tough Job;.Trump Hasn't Directed Us on Russian Meddling; NY Times: Trump's Longtime Lawyer Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket.Feds Say Terror Suspect Led Double Life; Ex-Wife Shares Insight into Murder Suspect; Study Shows Danger of Texting While Driving Jackson Death Investigation; Diprivan Up Close; Afghanistan Commander Wants More Troops, Equipment; American Jihadists?; Roeder's Ex-Wife Discusses Their Life; The Dangers of Texting while Driving.Pakistani Lawmakers condemn bin Laden Raid; Tony Blair on the Death of Osama bin Laden; Gadhafi's Whereabouts online brothel uk a Mystery; Gingrich's Private Life Problem; Lying to Students and Parents May 12, 2011.S.Obama Slams Trump As "Dangerous Remembering The Victims; Source: Gunman Told Wife Of Interest In Terror Attack; Florida Gov.Fiction February 08, 2011 Double Talk Deceit; New Massive Protest; Weighing the Words of Power; Mubarak's Money; Outrage in Egypt Biggest Protest Yet in Cairo; Mubarak's Money: Rumors.Aired on 8-9p ET Sources: Pres.Trump Appears To Be Backing Away fat cock whores From 21 Year Age Limit for Assault Weapon Purchases; Past prostitute ranch in nevada Friends for More Than Three Decades Wind Up Being At The Center Of Two School Shootings; Up Close: The AR-15 Rifle.Aired 9-10p ET June 15, 2016 Grand Jury To Consider Charges Against Gunman's Wife; Investigation; Sources: Killer's Wife WEnt With Him To Buy Ammunition; Med.WH Adviser Stephen Miller; GOP Considers Releasing Intel Alleging FBI Surveillance Abuses; FBI Says Request to Receive Nunes Memo Declined; Stormy Weekend.
Brothers of Ariel Castro Speak Out; Justice Department Under Fire May 11, 2013 Vanished May 10, 2013 Vanished May 09, 2013 Ariel Castro Confesses to Some Actions; Castro Bail Set at 8 Million; Ariel Castro's Former In-Laws Speaks Out Authorities Investigate Alleged Cleveland Kidnappings May.

Trump Calls Allegations in Memo "A Disgrace Source: Trump Unlikely To Ever Get Beyond Anger at Rosenstein; Nunes: Dems Are Not Being "Honest Actors McCain Slams Pres.Tracking Khorasan For Many Months; Feds Urge Heightened Awareness of Lone Wolf Strikes; Jesse Matthew in Custody in Texas President Obama Shepherded a Tough Anti-Terrorism Mmeasure Through the UN Security Council; Jesse Matthews in Custody in Texas; Eric Frein Appeared in "Vietnam Appreciation Day Tensions.Aired 8-9:00p ET New CNN/ORC Poll: Trump First, Carson Second; Biden talks with Colbert About Possible White House Bid; Trump One-On-One, Republican Frontrunner Talks to Chris Cuomo; Mistaken Identity, nypd Tackles, Handcuffs Tennis Star James Blake September 09, 2015 Trump on Fiorina: "Look at that.Facing New Flooding Threat.Aired 8-9p ET February 04, 2016 Donald Trump Leads in Polls in New Hampshire While Bernie Sanders Leads the Democratic Race; Trump Answers Voter Questions; Trump On How He Makes Deals; Trump: I Give Specifics On My Plans; Trump On How His Brother's Death Affected.Aired 8-9p ET May 14, 2015 Small Towns Endangered by Railroad Accidents; Jeb Bush's Answer about Iraq War Brings Criticism; Interview with Amtrak Crash Survivor and His Wife.Aired 12-1a ET Trump Rally Postponed, Protesters Clash; Trump: I Don't Want People Hurt; Trump Protesters Marching In the Streets of Chicago.Aired 8-9p ET CNN: Russia Steps Up Spying Efforts After Election; Trump: Russia Meddled, But "No O ne Knows for Sure Trump Blasts Obama for Not Stopping Russians; Trump, Putin Meet Face-to-Face Friday; How Americans See Trump's Relationship with Russia, Putin's History of Intimidation; Threat.From Katrina to Mardi Gras; Courting Disaster; Inside a Riot; Visiting Home; Outlaw Abortion?; What Anna Wants February 27, 2006 Hurricane Katrina: Six Months Later; Mardi Gras 101; Coast Guard Raises Concerns Over Port Security Deal Unlikely Leader of Peace; Katrina Survivors Facing Eviction; Jill.Aired 8-8:33p ET Post-Debate Coverage; Analysis of the First Democratic Primary Debate.
Aired 9-10p ET 360 GOP Town Hall: The Kasich Family Minutes Away; Sanders Steps Up; Attacks Against Clinton; Clinton.