Confusing Things About British Homes - Anglophenia Ep 28 - YouTube

What might Americans find confusing about a British home? New Anglophenia host Kate Arnell takes us on a tour of the charming quirks of a U.K. house.Click here for more features of a British home that might surprise Americans:Follow Anglophenia on Twitter: Anglophenia on Facebook: Anglophenia on Tumblr: Kate Arnell on Twitter:

Juron_Emerson_ Rikote

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Asad Baloch

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Æthereal Forest

was the song actually in the game? 0:40

lollypop vv

I've been feeling like that for a year. I'm too afraid to seek help

carlos west

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Horor Game

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AJ IS SO cool

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Panda Gamer

"I threw my glove in the air in celebration and I swished it" Tyler ~ 2012

E Z G 1

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Oscar Diaz

The dinosaur you on the window was from the third one were they execute the tank operator I thought?

Ronaldo Ronaldo

I like Tyler's shots


they already shot at 2:20


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James Lloyd

My first thoughts: What episode of Black Mirror is this?!

iiiunicorn Cupcake

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Broswag25 G

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Screw Gaming

I'm very confused so is it bad or good?

La le Lu lei lo

I don't think anybody actually thought that.

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5:32 42M views💥

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Fortnite Demon

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Sean Ferraro

Tyler's the Captain of DP The Red Ranger is the captain of the Power Rangers !

ViZu Restart

41:47 Eddie is a misogynist pig, disgusting...

Wyatt TRL

5:47How do you know?


Damn. I saw that film roll in the drawer too but never figured out that I could pick it up because there was no prompt.



frank Orsillo

I know that Cory and coby are twins but I can actually tell them apart. Can you?

Ana Chung

it's not just skill there probably a lot of math involved too

Obscene Blood Fart

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So awesome and are you guys brother?

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Nice video Guru :P


Keep up the good work!

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I Steal Xboxes

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