Concept of Educational Technology, Need & Significance - Module 1 B & 1 C

Angel Dortch

I can relate.My top slid off.Its soooo embarrassing

Old-Style 86

This country is becoming a big fucken vaginal fucken country i swear....

Alyssa Almers

they should film on ice like ice skating please like my comment lol



Christian Ordonez

Hey FunWithGuru I saw the Opts thing where the kid was dancing

Gabbie Martinez

I always thought that the intro music said

HyperGame Videos

I can't believe Cody is taller then Chris Paul

I was only 11 and they only allowed children who were at least 14 but I snuck in for him

Dr Phoenix

Can't wait for next cod

Chase Hanna

You should add basketballs to the all sports golf bags

Sonja Potter

gar said 1 when ty was like 15

josiah santos

2:13 he scared me

Ethan Wong

I don’t believe this story. Can somebody find me a news article because there’s no way it wouldn’t be on the news.

Razvan Maciuc


Smug Loli

The notched pickaxe is legit, you want to know why? Because I'm preeetty damn sure you can't mod on XBOX or PS3. and you can't use console commands to spawn anything.

Actually happe- oops wrong channel.

Дмитрий Баженов

Че они там базарят

Valeria Dwitt

love your videos

Daniel McNealy

Wait you can play as Pig John from the first Red Dead?

Swag Money Trick Shots

this still has some of your best shots yet

ToxicThe HeroHedgehog

Bodies in the water and then a Kappa. Thanks for giving me more goosebumps, Guru.

Griffin Ellis

Where’s garret

kin 2up and garg1up

I thought Brazil but Germany won

Marco De Sagun

Who’s that dude in the beginning with Tyler


THat is so cool


My dog and my cat are the reason I keep on fighting ❤

Andrew Thomas

fucking Cory in the House

GD Kurbi

Where are you? I know it’s not Texas ;) ITS SO HOT HERE Sometimes...

I love MTN DEW

How is it Surreal if it was real

lucas kattelli

He’s your adoptive brother not step brother. If he were your step brother your dad and his mom or vice versa

Yunior Gamboa

You're the best GURU!!

Weab00 Stuf


Spookie Tokes

I almost feel like crying but i cant jump the gun who knew id be able to support a different team then my own


Now I know whAt wrong I thought I had heart problems like I'm a little realized to heart problems until diagnosed ✅

Boss Hogg

Too Funny 😂 😏👍

but the world made it worst

Jordan Lund

Looks like you watched the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer and went "Fantastic! Get those guys to do the character designs! What could go wrong?"

Marko 89

Panda thug life

Unicorn Poop

To the bad musician we’re not lazy u r

C: Kyle Lowry's shoulder I now describe you as GAY

Stella Madsen

Holy shit, the thumb nail made me crap my pants.

Zachariah Davis

I love the Rube Goldberg machine.

Kenzie Payne

Botw 2 trailer: comes out

Sancho Calleja

On one hand: I appreciate Prince Ea for trying to bring something positive to the world. On the other: it just comes off as overly self-righteous and woke to the point of pretentiousness and delusion.