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Grasha Films

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Kleiner Bopp McRoter-Stiefel

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Marci Hays

Panda face reveal PLEASE??????

SmartCatie Wilson

Ty: Just give me a kiss!Me: What the 😂2:14

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Im just here to watch and tell rett that ignore the dislikes because you know what i think your awesome and even if im the last person left to watch this show i wouldnt change my mind, keep it up i love every second of your show

Smoke and Mirrors

Please give me your music taste...although i guess it’s already similar because in every single one of your videos the music is just soo perfect from the rap to the more somber tones like this one your music is always on point.

You guys are like Mythbusters!

Ivonne Juarez

I'm the epitome of avoidant 😂, although my family was never abusive and always very caring, so I guess it's just my own doing.

• Cleopatra •

Same voice as the other videos.

Sloth Sloth

Cool playground edition

KingAjHo !



Manuel Di Menna

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Aseel Badani

this made me cry and i felt soooo bad for the girl


Is it just me or does Kevin Durants legs look like hockey sticks

Sam Smiles

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El Duderino

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Little_Leni :3

Are guys you letting the shark go or let them die?

Clint E

Holy crap! No water or nothing! What a damn beast! Killed it! She will be remembered for a long time on this show

Lizzie_lizard Wojcik


Mr Duckett

Full credit... lol

1.1M Tomic

Perfect job guys 👍🏻

Andrew Wissing

0:23 wow the timing aligned with the music!! Nice!

Philip Abad

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John Reese Kalaw

who is 2019?like if you are 👊

Junk Bucket

That Max Payne Easter egg made me hit the floor. XD

Cienna’s Weird

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Gacha Bae


Busting Why

“Minute Videos”

German Olvera

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Robin Hood left the chat


I really love your editing style. Using the sounds of the game first to Segway into another scene, sheer props man.

Jaiden Rivera


Danielle Reid

Any singles out there?? I'm a lonely potato

Troy U Leota

You guys should try mixing Ping Pong with Billiards.


"Promise dont tell anyone"

Kid average

Rip the grandpa

Dylan Chapman

Its baseball EDITION. What do you think their gonna do

Saffires 100

The creepy mirror..

Grace Buckner

You should do a vid wear you wear each other's cloths for a week