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top 10 hardest camps you won't believe existSubscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: david.f@valnetinc.com DESCRIPTION (250-400 words) :What do you think of when we mention the word ‘camp’? Well, in all likelihood you probably picture cabins, a lake, counsellors and dining halls. Yes, summer camp has a lot of good memories for many people. After all, it was a place where you met new friends, learned fascinating facts and tried out all sorts of activities that you never would have tried back in your regular life. Well, get rid of all those fond memories because the types of camps we’re talking about here don’t involve listening to the camp counsellor while you purposely burn your marshmallow at the fire. Although, we can’t guarantee other things won’t get burnt. The following camps are all pretty brutal in their own way. From hard labor to bizarre diets to punishing exercise regimes, these camps will have you longing for that lame summer camp your parents shipped you off to every year. There’s the gruelling Toughest Training Camp organization who live up to their name when it comes to exercise. We’ll also take a look at the boot camp for the Gurkhas. Legendary soldiers of Nepalese descent, this is definitely not the kind of camp where you learn to play guitar and weave necklaces. There are also the Gulags, which are technically camps – just for people who are seen as enemies of the state. People looking to lose weight oftenhead to “fat” camps. Although as you’ll see, one particular Austrian fat camp has become a bit notorious. Have an internet addiction? That’s not a problem. China specializes in treating people in specialized camps. Whether you get out alive is a whole different matter. If you’re interested in the Navy SEALs but don’t want to actually serve in the military you can always try out Kokoro Camp. If martial arts are your thing then try checking out the Thailand Karate Camps or go all out by visiting a Shaolin camp. Of course, no brutal camp discussion would be complete without talking about Marine Boot Camp. Then of course, there are those terrifying camps for troubled teens which start with a planned abduction. These are all brutal camps, so we’ll let you judge which you think is the worst.Our Social Media:Facebook: For more videos and articles visit:


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