Chagua Herufi Y! | Akili and Me | Katuni za Elimu kwa Watoto

Karibuni Lala Land, ulimwengu wa maajabu, ambapo utajifunza na kucheza na Akili! Imba namba! Chagua herufi! Cheka, chora, na jifunza Kiingereza na Akili. Angalia "Akili and Me" TBC1 saa 3 asubuhi j1 & j2 pamoja na Ubongo Kids. Subscribe to this channel to get free fun learning videos every week from Akili and Me! Edutainment made in Africa, for Africa.Akili and Me is a edutainment series from Ubongo Media, creators of Ubongo Kids. Kids 3-6 year olds will love joining Akili on her magical adventures in Lala Land, where they’ll learn numbers, letters, drawing and English.Akili and Me is on TV! Watch us here: Tanzania - TBC1; Kenya - Citizen TV; Uganda - NTV; Rwanda - RTV; Zambia - ZNBC; Nigeria - AIT; Ghana - TV3; and the African channel!by Ubongo, the Tanzanian social enterprise that entertains kids to learn and love learning!possible by the Human Development Innovation Fund, funded by UKAid.#SwahiliAlphabet #Elimu #AkiliandMe

cole loudon

The Shaun of the dead one could also by from Hot Fuzz

Tom Boi

Worlds longest dunk

Daniel Tuliau

is panda the same person every time

Tina Belair

I can’t wait

Kirill Matasov

Oh god! Final Fantasy VIII is a greatest game that has long been waiting for a remake!!! I've been waiting this for so long! But what do I see? Why in the video I see everything that I saw in 1999? Why is the remastered of the Final Fantasy VIII absolutely no different from the original? Why not be a complete remake, as happened with Final Fantasy VII? Square Enix why? This game deserved much more!!! I am very upset...

Fatima Ibrahimi

Jeve chereche

Nischay Singh Attri

Why did you cut tree?😶

Talha Khan

Totally the noob in spot games

skullxtrooper 0808

I see Markiplier

taeke movies

How white are youMe:


0:40 this is why girl's or woman's... I dunno don't drive

Kanyen Smith


Ashley Gurski

Whoever’s Wall had a Red Wings Stanley Cup they’re the G.O.A.T.

Glenis Paternina

Todo eso parece un imán con razón la ensestan mucho jajajajajaja

Labryce Mack

Cory looks like a baby pig

Может Быть

Господи чувак, это охуенно!


That is not a 10 million point shot.That is a front flip shot over a plane wing.

Macmac Caprecho

Dude perfect can you do a burger flip?

Chris Brune

u guys r crazy how do u do this its so cool

loli desu ne

is that madotsuki from yume nikki??? LOL

Irene Recon

It's low to high

CD Milky

Kids, dont send nsfw pics to eachother. And if you do, do it in private with trust cuz thaaaats not okay

Brady McPherson

He will



Great video

Nicklas Dyhr Jespersen

isnt this a regular day for everyone?

Gacha Nugget

90% of comments are memes

Nova the Wusky

Love the series!



Kettlecorn Gaming

Panda for sure,also 2018 anyone?


H2O delirious found the Harry Potter one and he didn't try to.

Adam Schmidt

that thing is from crysis warhead


The one thing that made me impressed was how she got in College with BiPolar

Josue de jesus

I swear the dude in the thumbnail looks just like alan cummings

xd orbidzy558

when it says "blow it up" it sounds like a girl!!!

Natalie Sekerak

It's actually 11 million hits

Adliad adliad

Every word by Snape

Umbra Nigra

I have always seen videos of people explaining their story as they were bullied, how they went through it, how they now are better, and how they encourage others who are being through the same... But it's the first time I ever see this... A bully sharing their story, their feelings and apologizing. I hope my past bullies were like her.


HE'S BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy Dunn

You shoould do cooking stereotypes

Junior Smith

Wowwww 3 in a row! Amazing!

It just a trap for another player


can we talk about how they dated for 5 years and he’s 19 so that means they started dating in freshman year so like congrats on having a high school relationship that lasts more than 2 weeks

Hel Bon

Eating no sweets is already a diet .__.


I love your channel so much I appreciate how hard you work for these videos

ninja pickle

Coby is the best

unknown player ??

I heard about this once in another channel

Kimbler Lewis

11 minutes in & bird's eye