Ch-5 Educational Management :EMIS(Educational Management Information System) by Dr. Ajay choudhary


Why the fuck did snake invite ocelot and the staff to watch them shower

Geetika Misra


Resucho Boi

I’m short so I know how that feels g

Garga Blarg Blarg

Will you by any chance be doing an assassin's Creed video?


4:34 pause the vid it kinda looks like it's a video game

Gbjking Vlogs

i swear fortnite always add the most stupid things.

dugg funny

Ok if you cant name the main cast of company you work in and start naming random names, your working in the wrong place. 😤😤😤

Ahmed Demir



When I was a child, I didn’t play Final Fantasy 8 for some reason, Now you have realized my dream.

Kip Daly

They did

Corupted cow



I spent a whole month with my period in 8th grade. Im in 10th grade now and I know it was cause of my stress from moving to another school and leaving my friends behind.

Ober Techno

rats gungsters

Sorry for the longest comment lol so much changes when you get pregnant ugh is exhausting lol


The jurrasic movies

Silvia Facio

If your adopted,appreciate that it's better than not having a mom or dad

Busy Bird



bruh isn't this simular to an anime?

gaming with Karen and Val

This is so sad Im so sorry for her I had a bit of some tears in my eyes im very sad for your loss Im sure he will be watching you every day in ur life just remember one day both of you will be together in a kingdom of heaven! Dont worry you will be with him! Trust me <3

Livia Grace

Who saw Alaïa being sick on Catherine’s now phone?? 😬💗

Uma Maluca no YT

No no no no no no no no no

Rim Hazim

and i play nerf


2019? Plz tell me it’s not just me

Izzy SciFi

Disney why are you so edgy?

brad hawkins

In my heart, I like to believe StarKiller is out there somewhere freeing the wookies

Jade Dragon28

hello Bring the Colonel in to give Wendy a lesson in Manners