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Hunting for those golden lines across the south of England. Filmed over 6 months.featuring the Cave brothers @maxstorrorcave @benjcave filmed on iPhones and GoPro 5"s- PARKOUR SHOE - us on PATREON for weekly podcasts, tutorials and more!- - storrorparkour@gmail.comFacebook: STORROR BLOG - @STORROR - @STORRORPARKOUR - for next week's video! -

Sebastian Nunez


Dead King

Always a fan of dude perfect

Kevin Buckman

Both if those steaks looked god awful 🤢

She went to the Upside Down

farhan pankaj piyush praveen

That's amazing

Daniel Clear

I plat now it

Grueso c

The way you handle your utensils is more ridiculous than funny.


Dude Perfect should do a stereotype school or a stereotypes work video

Sub Zero

3:41 war machine fall down in captain America civil war

J Ronqs

Imagine averaging 33 6 7 while getting double teamed Off Ball having a box and one run on you, triple teamed when you beat the Blitz on the pick and roll, and still be blamed for the loss lmao. He's the most heavily defended perimeter player in the modern era but OK it's his fault lmao

Armin Vargu

Im sorry but your copying weensy enterteiment liers


Hey Guru which easter egg (of black ops 2 ) you liked most? :D

Mãjeśtic Clҽmeŋtin3

Youtube: You can't go back to change the past. Moto moto likes u

Philip The Darkness March

I love this. I'm going to check out for walkthroughs on some of these game's :) nice work dude respect :)

Meet The Mika!

Ok wait, you switch between calling it panic attacks and anxiety attacks.


If you look next to the calander at the end there is a dog that looks like jake from adventure time

Darren Bailey

yes my dad is like this almost all the time


I thought you were supposed to play blitzball underwater

Ryan Jones

Garrett had the best fail

david ponce

awesome but looks fake

Scarlett Quinn

I have been in a mental hospital as well. The whole padded room thing is the biggest lie ever. In most cases, there is a desk, a weighted chair (so you cant pick it up), a bed, a Plexiglas window, and a bathroom (with no door). The only time you can shut your door is when you have to shower. All of your belongings remain locked in the nurse's ward and you have to ask for anything (shampoo, clothes, towels, etc.). Visitation is an hour long every other day. You either have group therapy sessions or individual one on one sessions with a therapist. Sessions aren't mandatory, but going to them earns you privileges. You have to be in bed by a certain time. You eat with the rest of the people in your unit and you aren't allowed to share or trade food. <<

Brooke Czeschin

I love all their trickshots

Jonas Liu

Panda is probably Brodie Smith

riyan joseph

Why does Tyler do almost all the shots