Buddha | Full Episode - 52 | Himanshu Soni, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Nigaar Khan, Kabir Bedi | Zee TV

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Ghost Jeff

Wait there was a time that Ty didn’t have a beard?!

Alysia Munoz

Ethan and Grayson have a DiScOrD🙃 idk if I used that right btw correct me if I DID #SISTERSQUAD .....without James and I Oop-

also me: inside out! this is going to be exciting

tuende kiboko

I will be with you dust till dawn

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Tjen Broun

Before Trailer: Oh yes now I will see what the movie is aboutAfter trailer:What?Huh?Who?Huh

My Huynh

You guys are so amazing

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My baby sister likes this alot 😅

Jackson Dare

hi dude perfect. my name is Jackson, I love you guys so much that I am going to have my birthday themed "Dude Perfect".



I know they did all fight scene in the movie is supposed to be action-packed but I just think it's freaking hilarious I mean look at the little beady eyes look at that and tell me that is not the funniest thing you've seen



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How to find meaning in life:

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(10:02) Looks like they're coming for the Easter Egg hunter. Satan had enough of your easter eggs Guru Kid!

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Whoever dislikes this vid... I will find you... and I will...Disconnect your WiFi and kill you... muahahahaha

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Keep up the great work love what you're doing

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HMC. One of my favorite all time movies. I recommend the book by Dianne Wynn Jones as well. Story is bit different but that's common when movies are adapted from books.


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Miguel Padilla

What about Lisa Simpsons, in the gallery in San Francisco? that was a nice one

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Before this is viral just know I was here before the title change!

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My main question is "What about the dog?"

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