Just 11 minutes later, 30-year-old Matthew Butler rolled down the passenger side window of his red Acura and asked, How much to fuck for half an hour?
He asked other Taco Bell employees but none had seen a prostitute in the parking lot either.
He allegedly rolled down the passenger side window and asked, You want to give me a blowjob for 40?The, broward, county, sheriffs Office said the takedown would not have been possible without the help of area residents.She said these stings are conducted regularly and that the locations are decided by citizen complains, information from various other units within the department inside abandoned brothel and detectives within the unit.An undercover detective posed as a prostitute waited along South Federal Highway in front of the Taco Bell.His comment sounds like a double entendre in light of a recent sting operation.The daughter advised that her mother organized her sexual contacts with the defendant, sources say.It is not clear whether any real johns were nabbed in the operation.In one case, a man offered to broker a deal between an undercover officer and a woman for.Also Johns have been targeted as victims of crimes by street prostitutes and their pimps.The alleged prostitution occurred again in January of this year.

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The John allegedly agreed and was likewise arrested.Reached by phone, a Taco Bell shift leader who gave his name as Alfonso explained that he had never seen a prostitute in their parking lot before, nor was he aware that a sting operation happened there either.During that incident, Castellon met with the underage girl at a Motel 6 and paid her 60 to 80 for sex.According to police reports, undercover officers were offered oral sex for anywhere from 20 to 50 and sex for 24.Castellon reportedly gave the duo 500 in return for sexual services at his Oakland Park Home from the teen, who had just turned.Police are continuing to investigate the problem and are asking anyone with any more information to contact the.