brothels in genoa italy

This debate occurred during meetings of a parliamentary commission into prostitution, where there were frequent references to under-age foreign prostitutes.
In the dangerous sex date 2001 end, the commission adopted three principles harm reduction, education of clients, and the importance of upholding the Merlin law.
One of Genoa's grandest churches is also close by the piazza: the Chiesa del Gesù, decorated in Baroque style and boasting among its artworks two paintings by Rubens.There's an Italian commentary; and the circular glass-sided lift revolves to give everyone a full 360-degree panorama of Genoa.Galata Museo del Mare, galata 'Museum of the Sea' is a large maritime museum by the docks.This boat service is part of Genoa's public transport network.The 16th and 17th-century areas are a calm contrast to the narrow lanes of the old town and commerce of the Porto Antico.Some of the public areas can be visited, and there are organised tours of the building's historic tower and prisons.

This new wave of second-job sex workers is just the latest of a series of changes that are pushing Italian prostitution indoors.Services in the window: a manual for intervention in the world of migrant prostitution.A system of sifilicomi (hospitals for sex workers) was also set up, under the belief that they were the main sources of spreading venereal diseases.Prefazione, in Carchedi 2000 "Legge,.Hotel staff are a good source of up-to-date information on where to go - and where not to go - at night.There's a shop and ticket office on Via Garibaldi where you buy a combined ticket for the three palaces.Malte König: Der Staat als Zuhälter.Leonini.(ed) Sesso in acquisto.The Italian parliament banned prostitution in 1958, shuttering brothels.21 What debate there was, was essentially confined to the position of women.
Pegli can be reached using ferry services from the Porto Antico.