Outside one of the parlours, an elderly Chinese couple peer at the closure notice, baffled.
Codenamed Demontere, the operation has been months in the planning using evidence gathered by undercover officers and other policing tactics to target those people using various businesses as a front for handling stolen goods.Some wanted to earn money to support their children.Financial investigators will now follow the money trail to see if there are wider criminal research paper on prostitution networks involved.Other parlours employed women from well-off economies including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea or Japan.It appears that Operation Lanhydrock wasn't the "joined-up, multi-agency" effort being touted in press releases.Taken away: Police officers make an arrest as part of a crackdown on drugs and human trafficking in Soho.Cdr Newcomb said: 'The next step will be to work to close a number of the brothels where we have evidence of very serious crimes happening, including rape and human trafficking.A woman in a red dress, who spoke patchy English, gave me a massage.I have no idea if she was selling sex alongside bad massages."Even if you're a victim of trafficking, the whole thing is a nightmare."It was a shock for me because previously, I had never had the opportunity to meet people like that the director says.Some of this will have been women's wages and, given the record of police confiscations from sex workers under the Proceeds of Crime Act, it's unlikely workers will see this money again.The Met declined to tell me from which charities this information came.How come no-one knew about this and no-one was able to help?".Other sex workers in the local area had told police they were concerned that the women working out of some of the massage parlours in Soho/West End might be trafficked, as their behaviour and work patterns appeared inconsistent with their experience of voluntary sex workers.After a series of court cases and public outcry, 18 of the 20 closed flats were reopened, though many have now disappeared.

Not illegal, but it makes investigation harder."It's like a person with no soul.We've been robbed recently and the police did nothing.On one street, a woman stands in the doorway of a shop offering massages.Its amazing how shamelessly open these places are, but you see them all over London not only in Soho and Chinatown but in Kings Cross, the East End, Earls tonight i want to sex you Court Heres a few more signs from Chinatown.'We will continue to do all we can to make this a hostile environment for criminals to try and operate.Anna was 35 years old when she killed herself.'Financial investigators will now follow the money trail and will go where the evidence takes them, unpicking if there are broader criminal networks involved.More arrests were made this morning and officers are still searching over 20 addresses, including the homes of many of the suspects.It wasn't very good, but she was smiley and we both giggled as we tried to chat.But she ended up living a double life that no-one knew about.
This is neanderthal policing based on hysteria and headline-chasing, not on evidence or intelligence.
In 2013, the justification for the raids prostitution au canada l├ęgalisation was, again, trafficking.

When sex workers' walk-up flats were raided in Soho in 2013, women mainly Eastern European were likewise removed as potential trafficking victims.
Some readers may find aspects of this story upsetting.
"Controlling prostitution for gain" invokes ideas of sinister crime lords, but often the charge is used against maids and other staff.