Click to Share on Facebook - BRO starts a kick-starter campaign, no matter who you are, whatever you do, you have to contribute. But when a serial miser Sanjay, the chindi guy refuses to contribute, many of his chindi exploits are exposed thus violating the code #BroCountability (section 32 C, BroVidhaan). Can bro bring this miser to justice? Watch the episode to know more. Watch the episode Kamasutra: Bhuvan BamRahul: Kaustubh KumarVitthal: Shailen ShahSanju: Rajat ThakurAman: Bhawsheel ShahniBoy 1: Sapan GulatiBoy 2: MayurGirl: Kaveri Happii Fi Ke Vele:Chief Vela: Manav DhandaDigital Ka Buntai: Viraj ChavanExecutive Bakchodi: Shantanu TungareBudget Rani/Strategy QueenRitika MasandKanooni Vela(Brovidhaan Expert)Smith ChandraCreative Bakchodi: Vardaan AshtaAssociate Bakchodi: Aatif ShaikhMarketing Mavalis: Sajid Ladak, Jivitesh Wadhwa a.k.a Follow Up Queen, Aadya Naik, Simran SachdevaCasting Ki Rani: Jividha AshtaTailor: Jay ShettyPainter: Pushkar GodboleTitle Chapris (Katalyst Creates): Parthasarthi Iyer, Sneha ShettyPromo Pateli: Shantanu Tungare, Jaya Shetty, Pushkar GodboleGaayak Aur Peti Wadak: D DevaPitchBlack Team:Produced By: Pitch Black EntertainmentCreative Director: Sachi RoyLine Producer: Rohan BarhateCasting by: Aakash DubeAssociate Director: Manisha RajendaranDirection Intern: Vignesh SinkarArt Setup: Planet D2nd Cameraman: Mayank GuptaStylist: Aliya KhanGraphics: Himanshu BediGaffer: Aves MohdFocus Puller: Jagdish Chand GuptaDressman & Tailor: Ramesh KshirsagarMakeup & Hair: Prashant KambleTent: Sachidananda ParidaConventional Lights: Cine CraftFood: Raj Food ServiceSound Recordist: Ajay TripathiVanity Van: MumbadeviGenerator: A.K Power SystemJunior Artist: Pappu & Co. Agent Ltd.Camera Equipment’s: H.S.VideoProduction Car: Jeet TravelsProduction Material: National NoveltyProduction Boys: Vishal Parmar, Narayan Arjun, Devendra Moorthy, Gaurav MakwanaSpot Boy: Parvez Shaikh, Debu, Aavesh, Mahakant, RajuSubscribe us on YouTube : : : : Powered By : One Digital Entertainment [

Yasseros 24

Not enough

Naomi Wolfe

Aww this is so sweet. 💕

Ben Driver

I feel sorry for TY




killerX 123

Your editing made me feel comfortable...

Random Thingz

I love the DP game

Messi The Rahul #10

One of the card is credit card in seen of balloon in open blasting glass bottle with a credit card


809 dislikes = 809 people who don’t like being sad.

Nick Alix

0:46 the Steph Curry of Dude Perfect

DeVonte Easby

Oscar worthy performance.

Douglas Gissberg

Here before 20 million


What's the song being used?

TDG 1311

the dark crystal age of resistance is coming on Netfix and it's better than before

K Wing


Gerrymil Garcia

Wish they had more of these, they are very well made and very inspiring.

General Albert

Seems like Bond is a rapist but he always gets the bad bitches

crazy demon

I know how you feel I don't know if I have the disorder but I know was you feel I 3 of them and trust me I am scared to about talking to someone about it

Unicorn 11

Just to say your awesome surviving when your a baby and then getting away from your horrible mum and dad your a hero ❤️❤️❤️❤️


I dont really care of size...or gender..i just care about what they are like

Rine Rine

Why at 4:27 the other girls hair black and not red? òwó 💔