British Christmas Food! 🇬🇧🎅🏼🎄

We're joined by Han, who is Chinese. We force feed him lots of classic Christmas sweet treats that we eat here in the UK over the festive season! We try: mince pies, shortbread, clementines, tiffin, yule log, chocolate coins, Christmas cake!Go and watch the video on Han's channel where we sit an exam: HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: J&L WELCOME PACK: US ON PATREON: AMAZON SHOP: £25 Airbnb Credit: us online:Twitter: Filming Equipment:Camera: Links: |Links:|

Steven Gomez


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Travis Moorefield



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Abraham Gonzales


I keep finding the creepy macdonalds ad pop up and im starting to think that chucky is coming after me AND CHUCKY IS NOTHING TO DO WITH MACDONALDS


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Girls and boys should be treated the same way

Iman Gadaffi

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60 Yard Field Goal

Guðni Kristinn Bergsson

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Ned H

You should do a video with Noah Syndergaard, he's from Texas as well

Fun Things

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Potato Flower

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Ryan Brinegar

Dude perfect your videos are amazing you guys are my favorite you tubers I can't wait for more videos

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Andreita Carranza

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Caden Esplin

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Very Girly potato

Omg I love power rangers! I have watched every episode in every season from all the shows!

Asim Mohammad

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I have social anxiety I don't like large spaces or loads of people 1 to 2 people is ok but more I freak out or stutter

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damn you make good videos. PS. I subscribed

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Mr. Beast should have a challenge where whoever stays the longest in a pool of glitter challenge wins $10, 000.


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Animals are not food.

Sari Parkkinen

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Angel Playz

Look! Marshmello is the star now! Ya know....from frozen?

The Last Rebel

As usual you have the best sound quality out of every Youtuber I watch keep up the good work

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