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Can a Bodybuilder do Gymnastics? Well Today I met up with Lauren (who took me through 3 hours of Beasting... lol. Part of the session was learning how to Front Somersault... This day really exposed A LOT of weaknesses that needs to be addressed to become the Ultimate Cyborg Super Saiyan TrueBeast that I want to Check out the Latest Episode where I take on Muay Thai:your comments below of what you want me to try next!! :-)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------● TRUEBEAST ATHLETICS ►Use Code 'Launch10'BULKPOWDERS ► Use Code ‘GABRIEL20’ ONLINE COACHINING / TRAINING PLANSN T E R A C TW I T HM E ● SNAPCHAT: @gabriel-sey● INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: ● TWITTER: 



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Currently watching in 2019 and I still find this very cringy lol.