Bob Lazar Details His UFO Experiences | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1315 w/Bob Lazar:


Never wanna give birth thank you very much

Asgar Khan

@jmjdmkm true that dude AND! im loving this game even more beware you might get addicted >>

Preset Wolf

I cant watch any vids because YouTube has been btoken... FOR TWO WEEKS!! This is bull💩


Он человека -муравья играл о май гад аааааа

Carson Lester

I’ve been there

Command Prompt

I wonder if it’s going to have VR.

Pelican Mafia

I Love God and Jesus, I Hope All Of You Do Aswell And We Shall Meet Together in The Gardens of Heaven!😇❤

Knight Gamer797

These like Stephen Curry shots but better

April Chapman

team cory



Shikha Bandhu


Jordan Hayes

The last part of video

Big Juicer

Of course, that would be great!

And I know it's true, we're connected

Adrian Barr

The saints

Sean B

World record edition was awesome

Julia Zilla

I challenge you guys to a game of horse

Steve Bob

Hello daddy I am your sun harry

Jayden Dameron

you guys are a fake

K1dM1sch1ef xd

The story is great, and the artwork is astonishing

Zainab Kanu

You know you can TURN OF VIBRATIONNN.

Pohaku Rabang

Did you even heard “what” in0:53 leave a like if you do hear it

lakshmi alla

There coooooool

Wenzy Dale

Disney fans: HAKUNA MATATA


United center

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War Mac88

Tch, the guy was such a douche bag for being unsportsmanship!

Kakai Amparo

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